Would you like to become an Auto Insurance Agent?


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If there is one thing that American hold high in utility, it’s their cars. And they do take steps to protect their cars too. All of this means that becoming an auto insurance agent is a smart decision as there will always be demand for these sales professionals by insurance companies and vehicle dealers.

Would you like to become an Auto Insurance Agent

Has it been on your mind too to become an auto insurance agent? Read on to discover more about the field that you may have not thought of.

Insurance Sales is a growing Industry

Insurance sales in general and auto insurance in particular is a booming industry in this country. There are nearly 100,000 jobs expected to be added for sales agents between 2010 and 2020, of which auto sales insurance agents constitute a major portion.

One must have the Right Attitude and Aptitude

As an auto sales agent, what you learn in the classroom alone won’t do the trick. You will have to be smart with your prospective clients, without being dishonest, in order to sell an insurance policy successfully. Public speaking classes, sales training courses, etc. help ingrain some of these needed qualities in a prospective sales agent.

A Bachelor’s Degree is ideally preferred, even though a High School Diploma is the Minimum Educational Requirement

More than 30% of auto sales agents have a bachelor’s degree, even though a high school diploma suffices as an entry level education. However, in order to compete in the intensively fierce job market, the higher you go up the education ladder, the better. For instance, you could go for a 4-year online bachelor’s in sales and marketing if you are constrained for time to pursue a lengthy college degree.

Licensing is Important

Insurance sales agents, including auto sales agents, must have a license in every state that they work in. For this, some exams have to be passed, which cover state insurance laws as well as insurance fundamentals. Continuing education every 2 years is a requirement by most states for candidates to maintain their licensure.

You can’t be a Great Auto Insurance Sales Agent without Training

No matter which college you get a degree from, your path to becoming an auto insurance agent is incomplete without training. Companies offer training programs as well as on the job training to new agents, with some new agents working directly under an experienced agent to learn the tricks of the trade even better. The training will focus on acquainting new agents with the company, the specifics of the vehicle they’d be selling, policy drafting, ethical considerations, sales and marketing skills, etc.

Knowing all these aspects of this job, do you think being an auto sales agent is the perfect career for you? Don’t forget to share your thoughts!

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