Top Reasons for Becoming a Physician Assistant


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We know that doctors and physicians sit at the top of the career hierarchy in any place in the world. But getting there needs intense amounts of studying and working before you can earn yourself that coveted title.

Top Reasons for becoming a Physician Assistant

Alternately, many people interested in the healthcare field have broken into a career as physician assistants, making a decent salary while enjoying a large part of the perks of being a doctor. What is it about being a physician’s assistant that drives people towards this career? Why should you give it some serious thought? Let’s find out.

It Takes Fewer Years of Studying

To become a physician, you will need about 8 years of studying, followed by a minimum of 3 years of residency. That means you will not have your first paying job till you are in your mid-thirties. On the other hand, physician assistants need a master’s degree at the minimum, which sums to roughly 6 years of studies at the max. So you can get started with a career much quicker than you would have as a physician.

Your Hours on the Job Will be Relatively More Controlled

By no means are we trying to suggest that the job of a physician assistant is easy. In fact, physician assistants often work an average of 50 hours a week with work on holidays, weekends, nights, etc. However, this is still less taxing than a physician’s schedule. Plus, there is always an experienced physician working above you, meaning that your do not have the total crux of responsibility of someone’s health.

The Pay is Simply Awesome

At $92,460, physician assistants can make pretty neat earnings. This may not be as alluring as a doctor’s six-figure salary, but it come pretty close to that. And let’s not forget that you start off early in your career too, giving you that extra advantage.

The Job Outlook is Promising

Besides a healthy pay, you will also enjoy better employability prospects. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 30% growth in jobs for physician assistants through 2020, which translates to a whopping 24,700 jobs. The growth in the healthcare field in general can be responsible for this increasing demand of these professionals.

You Can Always Go into Med School Later

Say you decide that you want to become a doctor later on. With your experience as a PA and the relevant years of studying, going into a medical school after a few years should be a breeze if you want that.

All in all, if the medical field has interested you for long but you are not sure if you want to commit that many years of studies before you start a job, there are more than one reason to convince you about becoming a physician assistant.

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