Top Online Degrees to Look Out For In 2013


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2012 is almost coming to an end. New Year means new resolutions, and one of the best resolutions that you can make and keep is that of deciding to continue your education. If you are an aspiring student or a professional looking for an upgrade, then it is important to know which degrees are predicted to make waves in the coming years.

Top Online Degrees to Look Out For In 2013

• Nursing Back To Health

The Online Nursing Degree will only get more popular with time. That is because of the increasing demand for highly qualified nurses to fill the vacuum in hospitals and clinics. Nursing Degrees and Certificates In Nursing Management, Nursing Information and Healthcare are some specializations that students can look into.

Healthcare is the fastest growing industry in the US, so degrees that prepare you for this fast-paced field are the ones to watch out for.

• Online MBA’s

The trend that started in 2012 will continue and gain momentum in 2013 and years to come. An MBA degree was one that was purely a traditional campus based degree but recently more and more students are opting to do their program online. This could be because of the flexibility it affords as well as the lowered costs of tuition.

The value addition is also fantastic. GMAC surveys show that an Online MBA Program boosts a business career by approximately $30,000 a year, variable by location and experience.

• Design Options

Graphic design degrees will be extremely popular in the coming years. The programs lend themselves perfectly to the online medium and distance learners jump at the opportunity. For graphic designers, the most important thing is their portfolio, and an online program can greatly assist them in creating a portfolio that will stand out. Online programs also focus on marketing, positioning and writing skills which are very important for career progression.

• Engineers Taking The Lead

Engineering degrees will see a jump in enrollment in the coming year. Engineering degrees—whether it’s medical, chemical, electrical, mechanical, or any other field—are at the forefront of graduates with entry-level, $100k+ jobs.

Other degrees to watch out for are Information Technology (IT), Accounting and Criminal Justice, to name a few.

Certain degrees will always remain on the top no matter which year it is, but each New Year brings more innovation, a shift in preferences and perspectives and in the coming year we will see the same. The degree titles might be the same but their content will be richer, updated and more relevant specially since competition between online programs and colleges is growing and each online program has to be of a high quality if it is to capture the interest of students.

As the New Year rolls in, enroll in one of these online degree programs that suit your interest and position your career in the right direction.

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  1. Ali Abbas Petiwala says:

    Having online degree or traditional degree both has equal priority these days but growing yourself with your existing employment and further opportunity online degree have high hand over traditional degree because it really saves time and cost.


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