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Affordable Sports Psychology Degree & Schools Online

September 15th, 2008, Kelly Gibson

Sports Psychology contains a wide array of topics including motivation, objective, injury, rehabilitation, evaluating talent, exercise, counseling techniques and performance enhancement. Sports Psychology deals with professional athletics and covers plenty of applied and scientific topics related to exercise and sports. Two main areas associated with Sports Psychology are:

  • The role of psychology in improving performance and motivation
  • The role of sports in improving mental health

Kinds of Sports Psychology Degrees

When it comes to Sports Psychology degrees, you have plenty of options. Apart from a Bachelor in Sports Psychology, you also earn a Masters or PhD in Sports Psychology. To get entry-level jobs in the Sports Psychology field, you need to earn a Masters degree as a Bachelor degree in Sports Psychology will come in handy if you are looking for internships and training programs.

You can only get admission in Masters in Sports Psychology degree program if you possess a Bachelor in Sports Psychology. The syllabus of a Sports Psychology degree program includes concepts of Sports Psychology, performance enhancement in sports, applied Sport Psychology and present issues in Sport Psychology.

Career Opportunities with a Sports Psychology Degree

When you earn a degree in Sports Psychology, you can become a Sports Psychologist. Sports Psychologists conduct a range of tasks related to sports education and performance. Some sports psychologists decide to teach at the college level. Others work directly with athletes to increase their performance and motivation levels. With a Sports Psychology degree, you can also work in the field of athletic consulting, client counseling and scientific research.

Salary for a Sports Psychology Graduate

The average salary of Sports Psychologists is quite difficult to tell as it varies considerably on the basis of education, training and area of expertise. The average salaries for counselors and clinical psychologists are in the range of around $40,000 to $70,000. Teachers with a Sports Psychology degree can earn in the range of around $35,000 to $50,000. Individuals working directly with athletes normally earn lot more compared to individuals who are in teaching and consulting.
Pros of Earning an Online Sports Psychology Degree

  • No need to attend regular classes.
  • The fees of online Sports Psychology degree programs are lot less than a traditional Sports Psychology degree program.
  • You can study at your own pace.

Cons of Earning an Online Sports Psychology degree

  • A lack of practical training in online Sports Psychology can have a negative impact on your career.
  • There is not much interaction with faculty members.
  • If you are not self-disciplined, you will not be able to earn a Sports Psychology degree online.

Leading Schools for an Online Sports Psychology Degree

Capella University – Accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, Capella University offers Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degrees in Sports Psychology. You can earn your degree from Capella University by using an internet connection, anytime, anywhere. In a number of online universities, there is no provision for classroom discussion but at Capella University you need to participate in classroom discussions and take quizzes and tests as well as have one-on-one sessions with your instructor and colleagues.

California University of Pennsylvania
– Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, California University of Pennsylvania conducts Bachelor and Masters degree programs in Sports Psychology. California University of Pennsylvania implements asynchronous learning with the help of virtual classrooms, forums and e-mail. The instructors at California University of Pennsylvania are highly qualified.