Essential Skills Required To Be A Graphic Designer


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Graphic designers work in a visual medium in which they convey ideas and thoughts through images. Their job is to present information and messages in an interactive, stimulating manner that grabs the attention of the audience and resonates with them.

Of course, interest in a profession is a must to be successful. But in most fields one has to have certain basic skills in addition to that drive.

Graphic designers need to be:

1. Artistic Yet Business Savvy

Graphic Designers Should Be Artistic Yet Business Savvy

An innate leaning towards the arts or at least an understanding of it is essential to be successful in this field. However, simply being artistic is not enough. Being able to sell your idea or product is key to being successful, and for that a keen eye for business is required.

Since most of the work involves selling an idea, concept, message or product to an audience through visual means, comprehending the dynamics of business and marketing can be the difference between mediocrity and expertise.

2. Innovative and Technology-Oriented

Innovative and Technology-Oriented

Since most of the design work nowadays takes place electronically, an in-depth knowledge of IT is definitely needed. Designers need to be very open to change and need to constantly innovate to stay ahead of the curve. Anyone who shies away from technology will be a misfit in this realm.

Graphic designers need to be very comfortable with software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. They need to know how to combine facets of videography, animation and photography into their designs to truly impress clients.

3. Good At Drawing and Sketching

Be Good At Drawing and Sketching

In spite of most of the work being done on computers, designers still have to conceptualize their work and make sketches of it. Graphic designers need to have basic drawing skills to be able to put their ideas on paper and draw them for clients. They don’t need to be professional artists but they do need to have a good sense of space, shape and proportion.

A combination of all these skills can result in a flourishing career in an industry that has many areas of specialization to choose from and that offers many innovations that you can be a part of.

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