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The college application is an important part of the college admission process. The admission departments at colleges require the students to complete an application that usually comprises of general details like their academic records, letters of recommendation, personal essays and a list of extracurricular activities. There are also some colleges that require SAT or ACT scores to judge the ability of a student to cope with the college educational environment. Every college sets their own deadlines for application submission with documents.

Sample 1: Common Application

The common application is a college admission application for undergraduate programs that applicants from all over the world can apply to the 346 member colleges in the United States. The common application is managed by The Common Application Inc., a non-profit organization. The common application usually has questions about the student’s academic record, academic achievements, standardized test scores and other questions the college authority thinks are necessary to evaluate a student’s ability. The common application lacks some of the important questions asked by specific online colleges. To answer these questions, students need to complete a supplement form. The questions on the supplement form are made by the specific colleges and are meant for particular information. Students can fill out the printed version and mail it in or do the online version and submit it to any college that accepts the common application.

Sample 2: Rolling Application

Rolling application means there are no deadlines for accepting the forms. Colleges usually have their own deadlines, but there are some colleges that use the rolling admission system. These colleges accept applications before the official beginning of admission period and after the end of official admission period. The only disadvantage of rolling admission is that students may fail to get financial aid or scholarships if they submit the rolling application form after the end of the official admission period.

Sample 3: Early Admission Application

Early admission is carried out by many colleges in the United States. Early admission means students submit the application form early and they get the opportunity to be admitted earlier. Colleges usually get 25-50% of their students after early admission. This is associated with the early decision program where students accept the early decision per their early submission of the application forms and refuse all other offers from different schools. Overall the process involved in getting admission to colleges is cumbersome and if it is a top college the process gets more difficult. The exorbitant number of college application received by colleges lead to this frenzy.

Sample 4: Early Action Application Program

Per the early action application program, students can send their forms to many schools. They can wait for the results from all the schools and then make their decisions. Students have the option of the single choice early action program. Here the process is same as the early action application program, but the difference is that students are restricted to only one college.

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