The Potential of the Graphic Design Industry


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The graphic design industry saw massive demand and expansion as a result of the tech bubble and e-commerce boom. As small internet businesses sprung up and the Internet gained in popularity, there was a greater need for people who were experts in navigating that realm and could come up with impactful visual tools.

The Potential of the Graphic Design Industry

Initially the main focus was on the print media but that changed dramatically and web graphic designers ruled the roost. The set of skills and qualifications required also changed, and competition grew stiffer.

Is The Industry On The Rise?

From now till 2018 the graphic design industry is expected to grow by an average of 13 percent, which is very much in line with most other professions. More job creation is expected as economic conditions rebound, but the paradigm is shifting at the same time.

With print media dying a slow painful death, the focus is changing towards animation and web design. Rather than one-way communication, the trend is moving towards a more interactive experience that incorporates multiple mediums.

What Will Be In Demand?

Graphic designers who are up to date with the latest developments and who can transfer their skill sets to more sophisticated and tech-savvy programs will be highly sought after.

Clients are looking to reach audiences through all the noise and clutter of information that we have at our fingertips now. Attention spans are shorter, time is of the essence and audiences are greatly fragmented. In such a climate, people who can show optimal results in terms of audience reach, innovation, business acumen and creative thinking will be the most in demand.

Unfortunately print will see an absolute stagnation, if not decline in hiring and the only way to survive is to have transferability of skills, coupled with greater educational qualifications and experience.

What Do Current Salary Packages Look Like?

The financial compensation greatly depends on specialization and the industry that a designer is working in. Print designers earn the least, median $36,000 per year followed by people who work in computer graphics earning about $46,000 per year. Design firms have different pay scales from in-staff company web designers.

Those that seem to fare quite well are freelancers who take on contract work, averaging about $57,000. These figures of course, vary according to experience, talent and qualification. If you really want to make some money then attempt to get those coveted positions for top brands or corporations. Such positions pay median of $95,000.

The industry is not going anywhere anytime soon and will become more relevant with each passing year. With the on-set of social media and networking sites, it has become even more imperative to appeal to audiences through visuals means that grab attention, retain it and get the message across. Who best to do that than graphic designers?

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