Popular Cosmetology Schools in NY


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Cosmetology is a profession where technical expertise meets the service industry. Cosmetologists are much more than hair stylists or manicurists; they are trend setters, problem solvers and people who assist you in looking your best.

Popular Cosmetology Schools in NY

What Do Cosmetologists Do?

Cosmetologists not only advise you about your look but are also part of every step, from shampooing, cutting, and dyeing to blow-drying. They address scalp and skin issues, and do facials, manicures and pedicures. They are trained professionals who set trends or embrace the latest trends and translate those into looks that suit their client’s features and personality.

New York is a great place to study cosmetology from as it is at the center of all things fashion and beauty related. People are very conscious about their appearance and the practical experience you will gain there is invaluable.

How to Become a Cosmetologist?

Enroll in an Online Cosmetology Degree in NY which usually takes about two years. All states including New York require cosmetologists to be licensed, so the degree provides the foundation for taking the licensing exam. You can opt for an online associate and bachelor degree; the associate mostly teaches technical skills while the undergraduate degree focuses more on the business side of the profession.

If you want the best of both worlds, opt for an affordable cosmetology degree that has both hands on and online components to it. This will allow you to potentially work at a salon or beauty center in New York to gain some real experience and feel firsthand what it is to be a cosmetologist in such a vibrant region.

Some Typical Courses You Will Study As A Cosmetology Student

Some Typical Courses You Will Study As A Cosmetology Student

Average Cosmetologist Salaries and Job Prospects:

These services are never going to go out of style. How much money you make doing this is, of course, dependent on the city of residence, the affluence of your clients, as well as the services you are providing. It also depends on the years of experience and area of specialization. If you study from and work in New York State then you can expect the best employment opportunities and prospects available in the country.

In NY, the competition is still strong, which is why you have to be excellent at your job and master the art of customer service. The pay you will get teaching in a cosmetology training school will vary greatly from what you can make being the head of sales/marketing of a beauty brand – another avenue that cosmetologists can explore. Since many organizations have their head offices in New York, it is safe to assume that your options are definitely much more there.

Top 6 US States for Cosmetologists

In May 2008, the top-paying industry for a cosmetologist was the motion picture and video industry, with median yearly salary of $61,370. With this industry being run partly out of areas in NY, this is a great sign for cosmetologists. The median range for the profession as a whole varies between $31,860 and $47,710.

The highest paid cosmetologists were located in Hawaii, as they made median of $41,600 a year, followed closely by New York. From a survey of cosmetologist salaries in certain large U.S. cities, the Economic Research Institute reported that, as of April 2011, New York was one of the most lucrative locations, with the monthly rates median $3,381. Other top-paying states included Washington, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Vermont, to name a few.

Those who are able to establish their own salon earn the most, usually upwards of $45,000. This might be challenging in NY, but it can be equally rewarding, especially if you can appeal to elite and celebrity clients.

If you wish to start a career in cosmetology make your way towards a degree from a popular school in NY such as Empire Beauty School and Austin’s School of Spa Technology.

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