Overview of a Career in Airport Management


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For those who’ve been fascinated by airplanes all their lives, working in an airport can be a dream come true. And if you’ve got the management skills much prized in the world today, then a career in airport management is your true calling.

Overview of a Career in Airport Management

A Career with a Lot of Responsibility

Managing an entire airport is a whole lot of responsibility. One bad judgment could lead to very serious consequences. Therefore, before you dive into this career field, you need to be aware of the fact that your job will entail a lot of fine management and responsibility.

What does an Airport Manager do?

An airport manager has to manage all the daily affairs of an airport. This involves taking care of all the operations taking place in the airport, ensuring that they are being conducted safely and efficiently, looking after the supporting staff to ensure they are well aware of airport rules and policies and following their job duties responsibly, etc. Making sure that the ticketing and security systems are in proper working condition is also the job of an airport manager. Budget planning is also one of the key roles performed by these professionals.

The typical staff managed by an airport manager includes:

  • Operations Managers
  • Department Heads
  • Customer Service Supervisors
  • Administrative Assistants/ Assistant Airport Managers

Job Details Will Vary Depending On the Size of the Airport

The moment one thinks of an airport, a large facility used and accessed by international airlines comes to mind. However, there are also heliports, state-maintained non-commercial airports, airports used by general aviation pilots, etc. These are less hectic than a large airport, and offer employment opportunities to airport managers. The job description of an airport manager will vary in specific duties and intensity of work depending on which type of facility they work in.

How to become an Airport Manager?

In order to become an airport manager, one must have some experience working in the airport industry. Typically, employers look for candidates with 3-7 years of experience for roles in large airport facilities. The usually entry-level requirement is a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or school, with a major in areas such as management, business management, airport management/ administration, etc.

Candidates looking to become airport managers must also be well-versed with aviation laws and regulations, understand the basic operational working of an airport, understand airport rules and policies, etc.

Earning Potential

The salary of an airport manager lies in a broad range – $32,690 – $93,814. You can aim to get higher salaries in the field by increasing your work experience in different types of facilities. The local government and commercial aviation companies or airlines are the top paying employers for this field.

Despite all the challenges and responsibilities, it can be quite thrilling to be in this field. Get the requisite education and enter the aviation industry to climb up the career ladder as an airport manager.

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