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February 17th, 2009, Kelly Gibson

Oracle OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) gives you the opportunity to master intermediate and advanced skills associated with Oracle. Oracle OCP will assist students in running Oracle technology. In order to earn an OCP certification, you need to pass the Oracle9i Database Fundamentals exam and Oracle9i Database Performance Tuning exam. Apart from these, you are required to pass all the other exams that are in line with your job profile.

Kinds of Oracle OCP Certifications

Oracle OCP 10g: The course structure of Oracle OCP 10g includes flashback technology, managing and conducting backups in Oracle 10g, advanced database recovery, globalization support, enhancing database performance and taking the assistance of scheduler in order to automate tasks in Oracle 10g. By successfully earning an Oracle OCP 10g certification, you can configure recovery managers, manage resources and recover databases. You will also be able to deal with database corruption and easily recover from non-critical losses.

Oracle 10g DBA OCP: Oracle 10g DBA OCP is a top-quality intermediate certification for individuals working as database developer, database administrator and database analyst. By successfully earning this certification, you can manage the latest information systems for companies of all sizes.

The course structure of Oracle 10g DBA OCP includes use of database technologies like automatic storage management, scheduler and resource manager. With Oracle 10g DBA OCP certification, you have the option of upgrading your academic qualification by passing the 1Z0-042 DBA I and 1Z0-043 DBA II exams. In order to make your mark in this highly competitive field, you need to enhance your academic qualification on a regular basis.

Career Opportunities with an Oracle OCP Certification

Individuals with Oracle OCP certification can develop enterprise-wide applications and manage large-scale databases. By successfully completing Oracle OCP certification, you can become an Oracle Developer, Oracle Consultant and Oracle DBA. With Oracle OCP certification, you can easily get admission for higher education levels.

Average Salary for Oracle OCP Certified Professional

The average salary of individuals with Oracle OCP certification is in the range of $35,000 to $70,000. This figure depends quite a bit on the place where you are working as well as your academic qualification. Experience is also a big factor when it comes to setting the average salary.

Pros of Earning an Online Oracle OCP Certification

  • By earning an online Oracle OCP certification, you will get entry-level jobs very easily.
  • There is no pressure on you in terms of attending classes when it comes to online Oracle OCP certification program.
  • Teaching in an online environment is conducted by experienced instructors.

Cons of Earning an Online Oracle OCP Certification

  • To earn an online Oracle OCP certification, you will require the right kind of practical training and theoretical knowledge. This can be missing in an online environment.
  • Some employers prefer Oracle OCP certifications from traditional colleges and universities rather than from online universities.
  • Not many accredited online universities conduct Oracle OCP certification program.

Leading Schools for an Online Oracle OCP Certification

Penn Foster Career School: When you take admission at Penn Foster Career School, you are going to get continuous e-mail support from faculty members. You will also be given hands-on interactive routines that can be extremely useful in terms of learning Oracle OCP concepts. At Penn Foster Career School, you will be able to earn Oracle OCP certification at your own pace.