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Every time online classes are talked about, the question of how good and useful they are comes up. Students all over the world consider how their employability will be affected, whether changing a career with an online degree will be a good idea, whether the quality of an affordable online degree will be as good as that of a traditional degree and so much more. But what do instructors and tutors think?

Prestigious Institutions Are Now Embracing Online Learning…

Online education is not limited to merely a few schools and a few courses anymore. Renowned colleges with years of legacy are now offering online courses, such as Harvard University, University of Virginia, Stanford University, Brown University, Johns Hopkins University, Princeton University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Columbia University.

…And Top Professors Are Accessible To Many More Students

What that means is that the top professors and lecturers from these prestigious institutions could be teaching a student anywhere in the world. That’s why teachers find it worth their efforts when, for example, a student in Africa, who would have otherwise never been able to learn from their knowledge and experience, develops his horizon of learning and thinking through online classes.

Online Education Is Full Of Potential

Professors and teachers claim that not only is online learning fulfilling, but it also helps them improve the on-campus teaching experience, and the way they teach overall. Interacting with thousands of students in the virtual world means even professors get to see various points of view and examples from all over the world. A University of Virginia history professor was quoted as saying that online teaching helped him reinvent the ways that he taught and helped develop a new approach to solving certain problems.

Yet, Not All Teachers Are Fans Of Online Learning…

Many instructors are still critical of online learning. Minimal tutor-student interaction, lack of immediacy in asking a question and getting it answered, and not being able to see and gauge your students’ progress are some of the cited drawbacks. However improvements in the online learning experience with the help of technology will go a long way in increasing acceptability of distance education for the current critics.

And Still, Online Education Promises a Beautiful Vision

Education is not something that can be locked up in a certain part of the world only. With online education, everybody gets a chance to learn, no matter where they are, no matter what the time difference. Thus, the dream of improving people’s lives through knowledge and learning seems more achievable, thanks to online education. Teachers hope that by reaching so many students even in remote parts of the world, they will be able to teach something that can inspire someone to change the world for the good.

With even teachers accepting and acknowledging the potential that distance learning has, online students now know that what they are pursuing is really worth it.

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