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Online Degree Student Demographics

September 4th, 2008, Kelly Gibson

Online degree programs are preferred by students from all walks of life. A few students live in the US while others are residents of Europe, Canada, India, Africa or elsewhere. A number of students new to higher education are interested in earning their Associate’s or Bachelor’s degrees. Also, plenty of students are working to add Master’s or Doctorate degrees to their educational qualifications.

Working Professionals

Online degree programs are used by established professionals who are interested in increasing their knowledge base. Online degree programs also come in handy for working professionals who want to change their career field. Irrespective of the background or location of the students, online degree programs help them advance their careers.

Financial Condition

Not every student can afford the fees of traditional degree programs. Students who cannot afford traditional degree programs often opt for an online degree program. In comparison to traditional degree programs, fees in online degree programs are lot less. In traditional programs, students need to travel to attend classes; this is not the case with online degree programs where students can attend classes through the internet. In online programs, students get the study materials from the online university so there is no need to buy expensive text and reference books. This can save plenty of money.

Finding an Online University

With so many good online universities, students will face no problem in finding high-quality online degree programs that can help in their career. Apart from checking the accreditation of the online university, students must also see the kind of infrastructure the university possesses. You do not want to take admission in a university where the technology is not up to the mark. After all, the success of online degree program depends heavily on the technological aspect.

Grants and Scholarships

Online degree programs are preferred by lots of students because getting grants and scholarships is quite straightforward because most online universities are funded by the US Department of Education. To avail such grants and scholarships, students just need to apply with their educational records.

Internship and Placement Services

With online degree programs, students can get internships and job placement in various organizations. Although, this is available in traditional degree programs, the chances of your success is not that great there because of the presence of so many students. In online degree programs, there are fewer students and more opportunity so the chances of you getting an internship or placement are quite good.


In online degree programs, individual attention is given to students. This is not the case in traditional degree programs where the role of faculty members ends once the class is over. With online degree programs, students can get assistance from their faculty members even after class. Faculty members of online university help students in their projects and assignments or wherever else necessary.