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Affordable Online Bachelor Degrees

September 8th, 2008, Kelly Gibson

The Bachelor degree, also known as an undergraduate degree, is the lowest degree level at a university, generally requiring around three years(depends upon number of chosen subjects) of full-time study.

Kinds of Bachelor Degrees

There are two types of Bachelor degrees:
Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts. Students earn these degrees when they successfully complete four or five years of full-time university studies.

A Bachelor of Arts degree, widely regarded as a liberal arts degree, normally requires courses in math, sciences, languages, humanities, English and social sciences. A Bachelor of Science degree normally does not need as many general education courses as in the Bachelor of Arts degree. It prepares students for careers in engineering, education and accounting. Similar to the Bachelor of Art degree, the Bachelor of Science needs some general courses in English, math, social sciences and sciences.

Bachelor of Science in Business/Accounting:
With the help of this program, students get to learn the profession of accounting.

Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design:
With this program, students understand color and composition, drawing board skills and design. Students are trained to solve any sort of creative problem associated with graphic design.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology:
this program offers students the development of business skills, programming skills, networks use, completion of IT projects and education in data administration.

Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communications:
If you want to enter the challenging field of visual communications, it is quite important that you earn this degree. You can develop computer-driven design skills that can be quite useful in the conceptualization of projects.

Career Opportunities with a Bachelor degree

By earning a Bachelor degree, you can get into a number of rewarding, high paying jobs. Some examples are:

Network systems and data communications analyst:
The job profile is to design and judge network systems. It includes internet systems, local area networks and wide area networks. According to one study, by 2014 job of network systems and data communications analysts will grow by more than 50%.

Physician assistant:
It is the job of physician assistants to conduct diagnostic and therapeutic health care services with the help of physicians. Job in this field will grow by more than 50% through 2014.

Computer applications software engineer:
With the help of different programming languages, computer applications software engineer design and maintain software. Jobs in this field will grow by more than 40% through 2014.

Salary for a Bachelor Degree

The average salary for a Bachelor degree holder depends on lots of factors including the kind of degree you have earned, the place where you are working and the present market condition.

  • Chemical Engineering: average starting salary $61,800
  • Computer Engineering: average starting salary $60,500
  • Civil Engineering: average starting salary $52,600
  • Economics: average starting salary $48,100
  • Accounting: average starting salary $44,600
  • Mathematics: average starting salary $43,500
  • Business Management: average starting salary $40,900
  • Political Science: average starting salary $39,400
  • English: average starting salary $36,700
  • Communications: average starting salary $36,400
  • Psychology: average starting salary $34,700
  • Criminal Justice: average starting salary $34,200

Pros and Cons of Earning an Online Bachelor degree

When you earn an online Bachelor degree, you increase your chances of a high-paying career. Once you graduate, you get quite a bit of choices in terms of job placement. Plenty of specialized positions need a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in any field. When you earn an online Bachelor degree, you will feel the diversity in the classroom as students from all around the globe are going to attend classes together. This kind of feeling is not going to be there in a traditional university. Another good thing about online Bachelor degree program is that you can study at your own pace.

Before opting for any online Bachelor degree program, make sure that you select your online university carefully. This is important because not all companies view an online Bachelor degree in par with a conventional degree.

Leading Schools for an Online Bachelor degree

Schools offering online Bachelor degree programs are:

  • Walden University
  • Regis University
  • Kaplan University
  • Sullivan University