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Affordable Online Associate Degrees

September 5th, 2008, Kelly Gibson

With the help of an online Associate degree program, busy individuals can go back to school without any inconvenience. There are lots of reasons an online Associate degree program are beneficial to individuals on the go. To start with, you can create your own schedule. At traditional universities, it is the responsibility of students to attend classes on time.

Another advantage of an online Associate degree program is that it is quite easy for students to work while studying. Traditional universities make it tough for students to work during courses. The flexible schedule of an online Associate degree program is not going to interfere with the work schedule of students.

Kinds of Associate Degrees

Anyone interested in an online Associate degree has plenty of programs to choose from which cover wide variety of career fields. One program you can opt for is a business program. By studying this program, you will learn various aspects of the business world, right from human resources to accounting and office management. Apart from business, there are also programs available where the main emphasis is on paralegal studies and associates in criminal justice. There are also Associate degree programs based in the healthcare field in relation to billing and administration.

Career Opportunities with an Associate Degree

By earning an Associate degree, you can make your career as a computer specialist, nuclear technician, radiation therapist, fashion designer, registered nurse and lots more.

Computer specialist – computer specialists implement lots of functions, ranging from coordinating security of network to technical support. If you possess an Associate degree in computer you will get a preference from the hiring managers.

Nuclear technician – it is the responsibility of a nuclear technician to monitor radiation and operate research equipment. In some cases, a nuclear technician also needs to help nuclear engineers with their research projects. To get good training, make sure you earn an Associate in Applied Science.

Radiation therapist - the main task of radiation therapists is to conduct radiation therapy on individuals afflicted with cancer. Employers normally need an Associate degree from a radiation therapy program.

Fashion designer – you need to be aware of present fashion trends in order to become a fashion designer. Apart from sketching out new clothing designs, you also need to participate in the production of your items. An Associate in fine arts or fashion design is an absolute must if you are interested in becoming a fashion designer.

Registered nurse – it is the job of a registered nurse to treat injured and sick patients and offer education regarding post-treatment care. To become a registered nurse, you need to have an Associate degree in Nursing. In addition, you also need to pass a national licensing examination.

Salary for a Associate degree major

The average salary of Associate degree graduates has increased by more than 10%. Finding the right kind of job is also not much of an issue for Associate degree graduates as employers give preference to them. The average salary that you expect to get for an Associate degree depends on factors like the profile of your employer, condition of job market and your work experience. By earning an Associate degree from accredited university, you can expect anything between $50,000 and $60,000 a year.

Pros and Cons of Earning an Online Associate degree

An online Associate degree is excellent because students can easily afford it. Attending four years(depends upon number of chosen subjects) of college is quite a costly affair and not everyone can afford it. With an online Associate degree, you can work for two or three years, get experience, make some money and then go back to university for two years(depends upon number of chosen subjects) and earn an online Associate degree. Once you have earned the degree, it is totally up to you how you want to use the skills that you have learned during the course.

The only drawback of online Associate degree is that you are going to miss the classroom environment of traditional colleges and universities.

Leading Schools for an Online Associate degree

Some of the leading schools running an online Associate degree program are:

  • Kaplan University Online
  • Ashford University
  • Sullivan University
  • Tiffin University