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Affordable Multimedia Degrees & Schools Online

September 2nd, 2008, Kelly Gibson

Multimedia degrees are in demand and can provide you with job security. A multimedia degree sets you up for any of the hottest jobs available.

Among the reasons for its popularity is that so many people play video games and a multimedia designer is trained to make those games. With a degree in multimedia design, you can work in various industries anywhere in the country where you can make toys, games, video game machines and entertainment or game software.

Online Degrees in Multimedia

  • BSIT Interior Design
  • BS in Animation
  • BFA in Visual Communication- Web Design

Careers in Multimedia

  • Art Director
  • Graphic artist
  • Multimedia artist
  • Graphic designer
  • Production artists
  • Toys/games maker
  • Assistant animator
  • Web page designer
  • Multimedia designer
  • Software development
  • Multimedia animator
  • Senior Graphic designer
  • Video Game Machine maker
  • Entertainment or game software maker
  • Audio/video entertainment production

Salaries in Multimedia

The salary you can make just starting out with a multimedia design degree varies a little but has incredible potential with experience. There is no difference in salary between someone earning an online degree or a traditional education degree. Multimedia artists and multimedia animators earn about $44 K just starting out; this is the median salary for anyone with a multimedia degree. Other annual starting salaries include:

  • Production artist $39 K
  • Graphic designer $37 K
  • Gaming machine designer $50 K
  • Toys/games designer $50 K
  • Entertainment or games software designer $60 K

Pros of Getting your Multimedia Degree Online

  • Extremely convenient – no weather related issues like snow, heavy rain, etc.
  • Flexibility – good for those who can work alone
  • Very few tests – your schoolwork is mostly projects
  • You can review lectures, books and websites anywhere, anyplace
  • You will be dealing with professionals who are already in your line of work
  • Good for parents with young children
  • Higher salary if you had no degree or a lower certification
  • You can opt to take as few or as many courses as you like
  • An online degree may be easier to obtain because your social life is not dominated by activities that you pursue because you are on a campus.

Cons of Getting your Multimedia Degree Online

  • Some higher paying companies prefer a traditional education
  • An online multimedia education is more expensive than a traditional education
  • Lack of facilities of a traditional campus:, no gyms, no swimming pools, no stocked library
  • Little or no guidance for financial aid or career
  • No physical interaction in the class
  • Not a preferred method if you need interactive learning to better comprehend and understand class work
  • Difficult if you are not disciplined enough to arrange your schedule to fit assignments and tests into your professional and personal life

Leading Schools that offer a degree in Multimedia and its associated degrees

  • Academy of Art University
  • Digipen Institute of Technology