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Affordable Motorcycle Mechanic Degree & Schools Online

September 23rd, 2008, Kelly Gibson

Kinds of Motorcycle Mechanic Degrees

To rectify the functional problems of a vehicle and address the worries of a motorcyclist, a mechanic is a boon. It is a technical field and needs educational qualifications and formal training to become a mechanic. Many online universities and technical institutions offer online degree courses and certification or diploma courses in specialized subjects.

As a Motorcycle Mechanic, you are entrusted with the responsibility to work on motorcycles and other vehicles. You may get an Associate, Bachelor or Masters degree in a Motorcycle Mechanics field and enter the diverse and challenging field of specialized work like repairing and maintenance. While earning a degree or a certification, you are required to master the skill of engine functionality and vehicle mechanisms. You may choose from the widest range of vocational degree courses offered by accredited online universities or distance learning programs.

A Bachelor’s degree course in Engine Mechanisms and Maintenance will be useful to enter the field of Motorcycle Mechanics. The formal vocational course may be one to two years. After you complete your formal training, you are required to pass the certification exam with the state authority to start working as a mechanic.

Career Opportunities with a Motorcycle Mechanic Degree

The Motorcycle Mechanic works with motorcycles so they may need to visit the location and rectify the problem. Many automotive dealers and showrooms offer clients a service support if your vehicle breaks down in middle of a road. If a vehicle needs repair or maintenance, a mechanic does the necessary adjustments at the workshop in a prescribed time. If you get a formal training as a small engine mechanic, you can get a good job as:

  • Maintenance specialist for engine and its components
  • Supervisor for sales, pre sales and marketing departments
  • Repair specialist for small engine mechanics
  • Technical advisor
  • General manager
  • Workshop supervisor

Salary for a Motorcycle Mechanic

The salary package offered to a Motorcycle Mechanic is around $20,000 to $42,000 annually. The salary package is based on the company profile, company location, your level of education and experience.

Pros and Cons of Earning an Online Motorcycle Mechanic Degree

The main pro of an online degree course in Motorcycle Mechanics is the student-centric approach and flexibility the e-learning course offers without compromising your personal and professional commitments. The main con of an online degree is feasibility if you do not choose an accredited university.

Leading Schools for an Online Motorcycle Mechanic Degree

  • ICS Canada offers a comprehensive and holistic online learning and distance learning curriculum in subjects like Management, Business, Landscape Design, Education, Healthcare and Information technology.
  • Penn Foster Career School offers the widest range of online courses in educational and vocational subjects like Automotive Technology, Catering & Gourmet Cooking, Electrician, Fitness & Nutrition, Home Inspection, HVAC, Motorcycle Repair and others such subjects.