A Master in Public Health for a Truly Rewarding Career


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A graduate degree in public health is the gateway to many booming career opportunities and a bright and prosperous professional life for you. The reason? The health industry’s immense potential that is attracting a lot of career changers and job seekers all over the US.

A Master in Public Health for a Truly Rewarding Career

Getting a master’s degree in public health, a.k.a. MPH, is therefore quite a wise decision in these challenging economic times when one wants to have both job security and a handsome pay at the same time.

A Peek into Some MPH Specialties

As you should have guessed by now, your master’s in public health will prepare you through courses in health management and analysis. There are various specialty areas offered by most colleges and online universities. Some of these include:

  • Biostatistics – Related to statistical ideas and methods for advanced data analysis in healthcare
  • Environmental Health – Involves study of all external and environmental factors that affect health
  • Epidemiology – Study of patterns, causes, effects of diseases or other health conditions in given populations
  • Management Sciences – Study of management of public health systems, leadership in health organizations, etc.

Careers with a Master’s in Public Health, and a Pretty Handsome Paycheck too!

Armed with a graduate degree in public health, you can go into different types of professional settings, including education, administration/ management, community service, research, health policy design, etc. Some common job titles in these specialty areas with the average annual salaries are:

Lecturer or professor for public health programs at colleges and universities $66,000 per year
Health Services Analyst $76,000 per year
Health Policy Analyst $65,000 per year
Healthcare Administrator $73,000 per year
Community Health Educator $64,000 per year
Research Associate in Public Health $62,000

As you can see, your potential earnings with this graduate degree will also be quite decent, since the average annual pay for all of the above professions exceeds $60,000.

Advantages of Pursuing your MPH Online

Even the best colleges and universities in public health education are now offering online classes and courses to students. That’s why online master’s degrees in public health have become quite common.

The advantages that these distance education graduate programs in public health offer include flexibility of studying according to one’s own timetable, as well as being able to get your degree without having to give up your job to go back to school.

Accreditation of MPH Programs in the US

The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) is the main accrediting body for all programs in public health offered by colleges and universities. Schools are evaluated under strict criteria before earning the CEPH accreditation. You ought to make sure that any online degrees and public health programs that you have shortlisted have been accredited by the CEPH to make sure your degree is of worth in the job market.

Getting into the public health field is a smart choice today, and getting a master’s in this discipline is a great start to a promising, well-paying and well-rewarding career.

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