Is a Management Career Suitable for you?


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Management and related occupations have become the craze in the job market these days. And for the right reasons too. Careers in administration, management, leadership, etc. are amongst the top in professions with the brightest job growth prospects.

Should you Go for a Management Career?

However, not everyone is fit for an engaging and sometimes quite demanding career in management. Before you sit down with your boss to press for a promotion, take a note of some of these questions to see if you are management material or not.

Can you supervise well?

Managers do not only do, they also lead. Thus, management is a whole lot about helping others do their jobs, and making sure that they complete them. This requires a total change in mindset, especially for those who have always worked in a junior or line-level role. And beware, making others work doesn’t mean being bossy all the time; you have to use your people’s skills to be a great manager, which brings us to the next question…

…Are you a People’s Person?

This is a very critical skill for being a good manager. There are many aspects of being a people’s person: you should be able to motivate them, communicate with them, listen to them, monitor their work, delegate responsibility, be firm or gentle as required, allocate resources amongst personnel, and so much more. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? But a good manager is expected to be all that and much more.

Do Goals and Setting Goals mean anything to you?

Management involves a lot of planning and organizing to reach a certain goal. Whether the goal is to organize a successful conference, or to bring up the company’s revenues to a certain level, mangers have the drive to complete their goals and take pride in their work. Not only should you set goals for your work, but also set goals for your career growth and strive to reach them.

Can you handle Conflicts and Difficult Situations?

An important part of being a manager is to be able to think objectively through any difficult scenario or conflict that may arise between your subordinates or related to your line of work. At times, difficult situations call for some very difficult decisions such as terminating an employee. Be prepared to be unpopular on some days and very popular on others; that’s what managers have lived with over so many years!

Will you be able to handle a lot of Responsibility?

Managers are responsible not only for their own work, but also for the work of those around them. You can’t just say this isn’t my job, because you are responsible for every activity, personnel and decision directly related to you. This makes management jobs quite demanding in terms of one’s responsibility.

Having said that, management is not something you just cannot do. Even if you answered no to one or more of the above questions, you can work hard and build up your personality so that it’s more oriented towards this career area. Besides, getting a degree in management from an accredited online school or a traditional college will also help hone your skills.

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