Want To Improve Your Graphic Design Business? Here Are Three Things You Might Be Doing Wrong.


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In this highly competitive field it isn’t enough to just get a degree and build a portfolio. You have to learn to constantly innovate and be aware of all the latest developments. To be successful there is no doubt that your portfolio has to be really impressive but there are other avenues that need to be worked on to rise above the rest.

Do You Look the Part?

Just because you are a laid-back, artsy graphic designer doesn’t mean that you have to dress like you just got out of bed. There is a difference between smart casual and shabby. The profession might not necessarily require you to be in a suit and tie, but paying attention to how you dress and look is just as important here.

Do You Look the Part

Clients need to feel comfortable hiring you and paying your fees. They need to be confident that you can represent their product well, and for that you have to pay close attention to detail. Some clients might not care what you wear but most of them will want to hire a designer who looks professional, tidy, organized and well-dressed. What we look like is a reflection of our personality and work ethic.

Do You Know Your Client?

All too often graphic designers become so involved in their ideas and perspectives that they forget the most important rule of all: the client is always right. It is imperative to take some time out to understand your client, their history and requirements, and most of all, their personality. Yes, you are the design expert, but your bills are being paid by the client and your next referral might come from the client also.

Do You Know Your Client

For instance, if you missed the fact that your client is fairly traditional in their outlook and gave them a design that was too controversial, then that might not do you any good. Your portfolio and hard work won’t mean anything unless you are able to market yourself and get business, so be mindful of your project brief and treat your clients exceptionally well. Good customer service can also go a long way.

Have You Brushed Up Your Writing Skills?

Just because you express much of your ideas through images, software, colors and layouts doesn’t mean that good writing skills are not needed. Clients first get to evaluate you through your proposals, contracts and website content, which is why you need to be able to express yourself well through words also. If that is not your forte, then ask someone else to do it for you. Typos, grammatical mistakes and badly written content will take away from your brilliant portfolio, and that would just be a shame.

Have You Brushed Up Your Writing Skills

Use these pointers to take your career to the next level. Remember, dress well, be confident, send thank you notes, articulate your thoughts on paper better and hope for the best.

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