Amazing Ideas for the Best Halloween Party Ever!


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Zombies are roaming. Ghouls are out and about. Bats are flying high. And you are locked in trying to complete your assignment. That sucks big time, doesn’t it? Most online students at this time of the year are busy balancing work, household responsibilities and online education and hardly get time to enjoy this spooky event. Most of the time it’s just the lack of ideas that stumps them.

This year we’ve decided to throw a bunch of ideas at you so that you can have the spookiest, wickedest Halloween party around. No more excuses. Boo :D


Halloween Party Themes

What’s it gonna be this time, mate? Simple, creepy or spooky? Themes are the first thing you need to think of. Your guests will also thank you for saving them from the nerve wrecking process of thinking up how to dress.


Halloween Invitations

Thou are summoned! We know all the assignments that you’ve made in your online education program has made you a tech guru, let your skills shine through in your invites as well. Just don’t mix up the two, okay; you don’t want Mr. Jones, your online Psychology teacher to end up with an invite to your party while your friend is left wondering what he’s supposed to do with your assignment.


Halloween Food Ideas

Get the cauldrons brewing! Human body parts are the most popular food item on Halloween parties from eyeballs to fingers, to brain shaped Jell-O. Stay-at-home moms, busy in distance learning programs can involve their kids in the cooking and baking process and spend some quality time with them.


Homemade Halloween Costumes

I’ll let you in on a secret…Avatar is going to be the ‘Halloween costume for 2011’! If you want to have a theme where everyone does not end up looking the same you can go for Adam’s family or Dark Knight Themes. If all else fails, you still have Twilight and Harry Potter to fall back on.


Halloween Decorating Ideas

Hanging bats. Wide eyed owls. Eerie Insects. Pop up skeletons. Décor is the most important element of any party. Don’t forget eerie, spooky, Halloween music! Just remember, the spookier the better!

Have fun friends, but do prepare for your exams, you don’t want your online teacher to play a Halloween trick on you and treat you with a crazy report card! Happy trick or treating ;)

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  1. Chris Miller says:

    I really liked these ideas, cant wait to try them all this Halloween. thanks for putting them online!


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