Move, Click and Sell: 3 Graphic Design Specialties That are Hot Right Now


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Ever seen an animated video? An interactive website? A catchy visual print ad? Well, all these and more must have been made by a graphic designer. The company could have their own designer in-house or they could’ve outsourced it to a design firm.

This is a field that is in high demand but is extremely competitive. The specialties that are the hottest right now are obviously also the ones that pay the most, are the most challenging and exciting and thus, fiercely competitive.

1. Animation

Specializing in animation is a smart thing to do. People are always more attracted to exciting visuals than dull, mundane text and the person who can bring an idea to life is an animator. Within the double digit growth that the industry is expected to see, animators are expected to be the most in demand.

Animators are Visual Communicators

Animators are needed in any form of visual communication, from television commercials to movies. Animated movies have really taken off in the recent past and their popularity will continue to grow, amongst both children and adults. Newspapers are giving way to e-news websites, books to e-books and video streaming, and in such a scenario an individual who has the ability to stay ahead of the game will be the winner.

2. Web Design

Web designers are responsible for the layout, graphics and pages of a website, and they also play a key role in the overall development of a website. These experts are in demand as more and more people and companies are setting up websites and doing most of their work through them. Also due to the mushrooming in websites, clients want expertise that will set their content apart and get the most web traffic.

Web designers Creates Layout, Graphics and Pages Of a Website

Web designers need to have great communication skills to be able to understand their client’s requirements perfectly and translate that into visual art. Sites such as Word Press are extremely popular with bloggers and they are constantly in need of designers who can create templates and layouts that set them apart from the rest.

3. Advertising Design

Advertising is never going to go out of fashion. The rules and tools might change but as long as societies exist, there will be a need for people to promote their products, or in many cases themselves. Till competitors like Coca Cola and Pepsi, and Republicans and Democrats exist there will be massive amounts spent on advertising.

Advertising Design Can Never Go Out of Fashion.

Advertising agencies are always on the lookout for talented designers who can bring their concept to life and grab the attention of their target market. The work can range from designing a company logo, creating a marketing campaign to be used on billboards, television commercials and print media ads to coming up with banner ads and pop-up displays for a campaign.

As the Internet revolution continues to gain momentum and as developing nations jump on the bandwagon, these demands will only multiply. For now if you want to get the best out of your career, move towards animation, advertising or web design.

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