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Designers are like video dreamers. They use their vast imaginations to create something that will keep the average user hooked. It’s quite an exciting and thrilling profession that you can easily get in to with the right skills and education.

Get an Online Video Game Design Degree Programs

The great news is that accredited colleges are now offering several online programs in video game designing that will help make the journey to this career quite smooth for you. The other good news is that this industry is expected to boom and grow. So there’s quite a promise right there for you that you should definitely explore.

Video Game Designing – A Career in Which Both You and the Game Evolve

You can’t create an engaging game in just a few minutes. Designers work in collaboration with artists, programmers, musicians, etc. throughout the game development process, involving a lot of brainstorming, editing, carefully planning the pace and rhythm of a game, etc. Over time, new levels are added, special features are introduced, ways to challenge players have to be devised, etc.

“We have to understand what makes a game fun,” said a game designer based in California.

Various Types of Game Designer

Though it is not uncommon for people to group all game designers under the same umbrella, there are different sub-specialties that you can choose to get in to. Let’s take a look.

  • Lead Designers – manage the design teams’ tasks and collect and organize their ideas
  • Content Designers – develop the game’s plot and characters
  • Game Mechanic Designers – design a game according to its genre, for e.g., planning the combat system for a fighting game
  • Writer-Designers – Create the text and dialogue for a game
  • Level Designers – Lay out smaller sections of the game, creating environments for the game at each level

Educational Requirements for Becoming a Video Game Designer

College degrees with concentration in communication, English, art or computer science are most commonly held by video game designers. These days, colleges are also offering specialized video game art and design degrees for aspirants into this career area.

Online Programs in Video Game Designing Make the Transition Easier

Thanks to online degree offerings, you can pursue your game design studies at your own schedule from the convenience of your home. Some popular programs being offered include:

  • Bachelor in Game Art and Design
  • Bachelor in Game Art
  • Associate in Game Design and Development
  • Master of Science in Game Design
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Game Development and Design
  • Master of Fine Art (MFA) in Game Design
  • Certificate in Game Design & Animation

Training and the Value of Experience

It is said that a game designer’s most essential training comes from building up on their experience. Most game designers do not begin their career in this industry with their first job being that of a ‘game designer’. They work their way up, starting off with careers as game artists, programmers, producers, testers, etc.

Earning Potential

The earnings of game designers fall in a very broad spectrum – $31,755 – $102,209 per year. Many factors affect how much you’ll earn, such as years or experience, etc. But one’s reputation plays a very key role. Game designers who have built a strong reputation in the market can charge a premium for their services, hence explaining the 6-figure upper limit of salary in this career.

The best part about this field is the oodles of fun you have while working. So, how many of you want to work to make others play?

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