Five Occupations Employers Are Hiring for Even In a Sluggish Economy!


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There are more than 100,000 jobs to be added in these occupations till 2020

During times when many people are struggling to keep their dear jobs and retain their source of income, there are people out there who are actually contemplating which offer to accept from multiple job opportunities.

Five Occupations Employers Are Hiring for Even In a Sluggish Economy!

Now that’s like a dream come true, isn’t it? Read on to find out what are some of these growing careers in the US today and see if you meet the minimal education requirement.

1. Registered Nurses

An aging baby boomer population has meant that many nurses are required to take care of patients and the elderly. That’s why nursing is by far the most booming profession in the US, with thousands of job expected to be added over the years.

Job Growth Rate 2010-2020 26%
Number of Jobs to be added 2010-2020 711,900
Entry-Level Education Bachelor’s Degree

2. Computer Systems Analysts

As America has grown, so has the number of organizations, and so has the use of complex computer systems to assist the operational workings of these companies and organizations. Naturally, one has to rely on analysts to make these systems more efficient, hence boosting demand for these professionals.

Job Growth Rate 2010-2020 22%
Number of Jobs to be added 2010-2020 120,400
Entry-Level Education Bachelor’s Degree

3. Market Research Analysts

Businesses today have become more sophisticated and so have their marketing strategies. This needs to be backed by solid primary and secondary research conducted by market research analysts to understand the needs and wants of customers, plus analyze the effectiveness of marketing strategies, spurring demand in this occupation as a result.

Job Growth Rate 2010-2020 41%
Number of Jobs to be added 2010-2020 116,600
Entry-Level Education Bachelor’s Degree

4. Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers

A greater realization and drive towards increased education and better quality of it too, student-teacher ratios have been on the decline and enrollments in schools has been on the rise. Together these two trends are creating a great demand for elementary school teachers.

Job Growth Rate 2010-2020 17%
Number of Jobs to be added 2010-2020 281,500
Entry-Level Education Bachelor’s Degree

5. Accountants and Auditors

The recent financial crisis really shook the world, including the US, resulting in stricter financial rules and regulations and more thorough documentation requirements. For professionals specializing in analyzing and creating financial statements, aka accountants, these stricter regulations have actually been a blessing with brighter job prospects.

Job Growth Rate 2010-2020 16%
Number of Jobs to be added 2010-2020 190,700
Entry-Level Education Bachelor’s Degree

For most of these occupations, the basic entry-level education is a bachelor’s degree. Whether you wish to take up one of these as your first career, or whether you are planning a career change, getting a 4-year college degree in these majors (which you can also pursue from accredited online schools in the US will set you for a happy and prosperous professional life.

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