Why You Might Fail With an RN Degree in North Dakota?


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Now before you jump to conclusions after reading this title and decide not to go for this profession in North Dakota, let us clarify that North Dakota is, indeed, a great place to work in for registered nurses. Why, you ask? Let us explain.

North Dakota – A Beautiful, Friendly State To Work In

This beautiful state has 90 percent of its area covered by farmland. Further, the Cambridge University recently ranked North Dakota as the ‘Friendliest US state’, while it is also known for being one of the safest states in the country. So, living and working here as a Registered Nurse can be a great experience.

Why You Might Fail With an RN Degree in North Dakota

The Challenge Comes From Working In A Rural Setting…

Generally, RNs prefer to work in urban hospitals and metropolitan areas. Semi-rural and rural hospitals and healthcare facilities have difficulty recruiting RNs, and because most of North Dakota is surrounded by farmland and a thin population, finding and retaining great RNs is difficult in this state.

…And From A Salary Level Lower Than the National Average

With an annual average salary of $57,600, Registered Nurses here earn less than the average annual salary for Registered Nurses in the US in general, i.e. $69,110. Therefore, the lower than average salary may discourage someone from pursuing this profession.

Yet, The Number Of RN Jobs Per Population In North Dakota Is High…

With a small population of roughly 700,000 people, this is quite sparsely populated US state. There are 8,960 jobs for Registered Nurses as compared to 2,724,570 in all of US. However, the number of jobs per 100,000 people comes to about 1,280 in North Dakota against the national average of about 867 RNs. Therefore, employment prospects for RNs are quite promising.

All You Need To Become An RN In North Dakota Is…

The North Dakota Board of Nursing requires aspiring Registered Nurses in the state to have completed an Accredited Nursing Education Program that includes supervised clinical experience as part of the curriculum, before they can take the state licensing exam. Students can even opt for an affordable online degree, such as an Online Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree from an accredited school. You can choose from any affordable nursing degree you wish to, but the important part is that your particular program should be accredited by the North Dakota Board of Nursing or an out-of-state nursing board.

The Reasons Why You May Fail Are…

As to why you may fail despite having an RN degree, the reasons are common for failing as a professional in general, not just in this state:

  • Not thoroughly understanding and knowing about your chosen career as an RN
  • Changing schools too much, or discontinuing your RN studies
  • Having a laid-back, careless attitude towards work and studies

If you are careful not to make these grave mistakes, there is no reason why you won’t have a successful career as an RN in North Dakota

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