How can I enroll in an Online Nursing School this summer?


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Many people evaluate the option of going for professional schools and degree colleges, with some even choosing affordable online degrees to steer their career further during summers. Nursing having become a popular profession amongst career changers, many also choose to go to nursing schools in summers, preferably at an accredited online school. But what should one consider before enrolling in an online nursing school for the summers? Let’s examine some considerations.

What is your Purpose of Opting for Online Nursing School in summers?

If you are a registered nurse currently under practice, do you wish to take particular courses for continuing education purposes? Or are you planning a career change altogether? Perhaps you have recently graduated from high school but need to work too, making online nursing schools your top option. The purpose of summer nursing school has to be clear in your mind as it will determine the number of hours in a day you can give to your studies and the very nature of courses you’ll take up.

Are you going for Prerequisite Courses before a Nursing Degree?

Before enrolling in an online nursing program, often students are required to have completed some courses and subjects as a prerequisite requirement for a nursing program. Summers are usually a great time to explore some nursing schools which give you the opportunity of taking up prerequisite courses, such as Biology or Chemistry, before you start your nursing program in the coming semester.

What Degree Level are you going for?

If your purpose is continuing education, you will likely be going for a postgraduate certificate program in the discipline that specializes in a particular area. For career changers, an associate’s or bachelor’s degree is the obvious choice. So evaluate and consider which nursing program you will be going for this summer.

Have you evaluated the Admission Requirements?

Usually, for bachelor’s and associate’s degree, a high school diploma or GED, high school transcripts, a standardized test score such as SAT and letters of recommendation are required. For master’s degrees, the requirements are similar, with a four-year college degree in nursing, hands-on experience in a specific nursing field over a few years and licensure being additional requirements. The admission requirements will depend on the individual online nursing school and the particular program you are applying to.

Have you considered the Option of Research or Externship?

Even existing nursing students can go for summer nursing schools for purposes other than studies. You can find out if a particular online nursing school has an externship program at a state-approved facility where you can work alongside an RN coach and get hands-on employment experience. Or, if you are a student for a higher degree level, you can use the summer as an opportunity to start your research work for your degree.

Opting for an online nursing program in the summer is a brilliant idea. We strongly encourage you to evaluate the option for your career goals.

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