Cost of an Online Law and Paralegal Degree


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An Online Law and Paralegal Degree qualify you to pursue employment opportunities in a variety of organizations that requires legal services. These organizations include private law firms, insurance companies, real estate, title insurance firms and government agencies. The Online learning module provides a convenient and flexible way for potential Online Law and Paralegal students to acquire the specific career training needed to begin or advance their career in the legal profession without having to rearrange their current schedule to study for their Online Law and Paralegal Degree.

The field of law and paralegal is a rapidly growing one due in part to the prestige that paralegals or legal assistants now enjoy. Today, paralegals or legal assistants are now taking on expanded roles that go beyond administrative duties. Paralegals are now performing tasks that were usually performed by attorneys themselves such as drafting contracts and separation agreements as well as conducting legal research, investigating, preparing exhibits and other documents prior to trial, hearings or corporate meetings. The fierce competition that now exists in the profession has resulted in more and more paralegals venturing into specialized areas of the law such as immigration, labor law, litigation, real estate and family law.

Types of Online Law and Paralegal Degrees

Online Law and Paralegal Degrees are available at the Associates, Bachelor and Master Degree Levels. The most commonly pursued Online Law and Paralegal Degree is however at the Associate level. An Online Associate Law and Paralegal Degree require students to commit to two years of full-time study or 60 semester credit hours to successfully complete the program. The two-year Online Law and Paralegal Degree program includes foundational courses such as English, Science, and Math, the liberal and arts and sciences. Students will later explore courses specific to law such as legal research, legal applications of computers, and civil litigation along with the preparation of legal documents and contracts. Students will also undergo supervised practical training to gain valuable hands-on-training and experience they can draw on as they progress upwards within this vibrant profession. An Online Law and Paralegal Degree at the Associate level lays the foundation needed to pursue more advanced studies in the field.

Online Bachelor Law and Paralegal Degree

The Online Bachelor Law and Paralegal Degree feature a robust curriculum that teaches students the skills and knowledge they will need to establish a successful career within the field. This in-depth four-year Online Law and Paralegal Degree program consists of two phases. The first of the program focuses heavily on paralegal studies while the second phase delves into the study of legal analysis, legal writing, criminal law and other online courses such as civil litigation, administration and ethics. Students of the four-year Online Law and Paralegal Degree complete their training through internship where they gain real world exposure in settings such as government agencies and private law firms to solidify the knowledge and skills gained.

Cost of an Online Law and Paralegal Degree

In general, the cost of Online Law and Paralegal Degree programs varies according to the level of study and if it’s a traditional degree or the newly invented “Hybrid” programs that focuses on the evolving role of paralegals or legal assistants. Most online institutions will charge according to the number of courses being pursued. Overall, fees usually run each student an estimated cost of around $7,000 for the complete program.

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