Do You Enjoy Styling People? Then Cosmetology Is The Career For You.


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Style is not something that comes naturally to everyone. For some it is effortless while others have to work hard for it. Some just have to rely on other people. One such person is a cosmetologist; an individual whose instincts and natural inclination is towards fashion, beauty, grooming and change.

What Do Cosmetologists Do?

Sometimes cosmetologists are trendsetters, but mostly they embrace the latest trends and make them available to other people according to the look that suits them best. They not only advise you about your look but are also part of every step of your grooming, from shampooing, cutting, dyeing to blow-drying. They address scalp and skin issues, and also do facials, manicures and pedicures.

So if you are the sort of person who enjoys looking good and making others look good then you should definitely consider a career in cosmetology. Clients come to you for advice but it is important to be mindful that this is different from giving your girlfriend suggestions about what to wear on a date. Cosmetologists are trained professionals who take their job very seriously and are extremely well versed in the latest looks and how to achieve them.

Many cosmetologists undertake regular trainings to keep up to date about the latest hair and beauty treatments and have to spend time on their own grooming also. No one wants to get styling advice from a person who can’t take care of their own grooming.

Traits Required To Be A Successful Cosmetologist

Do you have the following traits?

  • A self-proclaimed and recognized style guru
  • A people’s person
  • In touch with the latest fashion and beauty trends
  • A flexible person but very confident in your abilities
  • A little bit of a flair for the dramatic, a bubbly personality and a good ear for listening
  • Patience, stamina and an ability to swallow criticism

If you do then get yourself a cosmetology degree and be on your way to acquiring a job that you love!

Imagine This Scene!

When I think of a cosmetologist I usually imagine a scene out of some movie in which women and men are gossiping in a salon that is buzzing with action and excitement. Well-heeled and trendy cosmetologists are whizzing between clients, exchanging pleasantries, advice and in many cases, personal stories. Nails are being filed, feet are being massaged, streaks are being applied and scissors are snipping away. Yes, there is much more to it than this glamorous side but who wouldn’t want to be a part of this setting?

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