Boost your Career with an Online Master’s in Radiologic Science in Georgia


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Georgia, the ‘Empire State of the South’, has a vast healthcare industry with opportunities in many areas, including radiology. Getting into an entry-level position with a basic associate’s or bachelor’s degree in some of the best hospitals in Georgia is a great start.

Boost your Career with an Online Master’s in Radiologic Science in Georgia

However, many individuals currently involved in the field of radiology are furthering their education with specialized master’s degrees, such as masters programs in radiologic sciences. Whether you aim is to gain further knowledge, or whether you are aspiring to take up bigger responsibilities as a radiologic assistant or radiologic technologist, a master’s in radiologic science is of much help.

Shining Employment Prospects for a Radiology Career in Georgia

With over 151 general hospitals, including prominent names like Emory University Hospital, Grady Memorial Hospital and Medical Center of Central Georgia, the state offers tremendous prospects for anyone wishing to make it big in the radiology field in this state. In fact, the city of Rome in Georgia is ranked number three for metropolitan areas with the highest concentration of jobs for radiologic technologists.

“Employment of radiologic technologists is expected to grow by 28 percent between 2010 and 2020, faster than the average for all occupations.” – Bureau of Labor Statistics

Popular Major for a Master’s in Radiologic Science

Usually, colleges and online schools offer three main majors to graduate students. These include:

  • Radiologic Administration
  • Radiologic Education
  • Radiologist Assistant

Graduates of a master’s in radiologic science can take up careers as administrators in radiology departments, radiologic assistants, advanced clinical practice, or even in community education.

Better Earning Potential with a Graduate Degree in Radiologic Sciences

Armed with a tertiary level master’s degree, one’s chances of employment, promotion and even increments get a significant boost. If students opt to get certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), getting a master’s degree also helps with continuing education requirements for certification.

In Georgia, particularly, average annual salaries for careers in radiology are as follows:

Radiologic Assistant $45,000 per year
Radiologic Technologist $73,000 per year
Senior Radiologic Technologist $79,000 per year
Radiology Technician $62,000 per year
Radiologic Administrator $80,000 per year
Radiologic Educator $60,000 per year

Coursework of a Typical Master’s Program in this Subject

The overall layout, duration and specific courses of your master’s program will depend on which particular university you get enrolled in. The following are a few examples of courses taught at prominent universities for a graduate program in radiologic science:

  • Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Research
  • RS pedagogy
  • Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Technology
  • Radiologic Administration
  • CT Procedures
  • PET Procedures
  • Cardiovascular Physiology
  • Invasive Procedures and Principles

Online Master’s Programs in Radiologic Science

For the busy ones out there, many accredited, top-quality online schools offer graduate level programs in radiologic science which you can pursue at the convenience of your own schedules, without having to give up your existing jobs. These distance learning programs are helping many aspirants in the radiology field move up the career ladder and realize their dreams.

Now wouldn’t you want to take up your radiology career further? Then start exploring online programs in radiologic science at the master’s level to see your dreams come true!

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