A Career in Physical Therapy in New York


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I won’t be surprised if you’d jump in your seat right now when I tell you that physical therapists can earn over $80,000 per year. And when I tell you that pursuing this career in New York is probably the right step forward in this occupation, the excitement is bound to have doubled manifold.

A Career in Physical Therapy in New York

New York offers Different Career Tiers in Physical Therapy

Of course, the highest level of occupation in this field, and the most well-paying too, is becoming a physical therapist. But not everyone can dedicate the many years at college required to get a doctoral or professional degree in the field.

Alternate career options for those interested in a career in physical therapy include physical therapy assistants and physical therapy aides, with physical therapy assistants a notch above physical therapy aides as far as the career hierarchy in this field goes.

Earning Potential in the Physical Therapy Field in New York

Here’s a peek into the average annual salaries for major career groups in the physical therapy field in this state.

Physical Therapists $78,890 per year
Physical Therapist Assistants $56,000 per year
Physical Therapy Aides $27,220 per year

Reasons why New York is a Great Place for Work for this Profession

As you may already know, New York is the third most populous state in the US. Several of the residents of this state are quite conscious and aware of their overall well-being and the importance of good healthcare to achieve that. That’s why physical therapists, physical therapy aides and assistants will be high in demand by New Yorkers, especially the aging baby boomer population.

Which Degrees can you go for?

Depending on which occupation you are interested in, you can pursue the relevant program in physical therapy to further your career in this area.

Physical therapists, for example, can go for a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) or a Master of Physical Therapy (MPT).

Physical therapist assistants can opt for a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, such as the Associate of Applied Science (AAS), Physical Therapist Assistant Studies, Bachelor of Science (BS / BSc), Physical Therapist Assistant Studies, etc.

Physical therapy aides can opt for a certificate or diploma program in physical therapy assisting or even choose an associate’s degree to gain better skills and knowledge.

The best part is that all of these programs can be availed completely online right in New York, meaning that you do not have to relocate, or change jobs, or give up your job to be able to study. Check out some of our accredited online programs in physical therapy to see where you can fit in.

Besides offering brilliant career prospects and a great earning potential to physical therapy career-hopefuls, New York is also a very welcoming, happening and fun place to live in. So don’t procrastinate on your decision, and make an informed choice today.

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