Career Options with an International Business Degree


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The world has truly become a global village in today’s age. A transaction can be conducted between two people miles away from each other within a few seconds only. You can get a quality education through accredited online colleges, no matter where you are. The internet has truly removed global boundaries.

Career Options with an International Business Degree

The above is true for corporations and businesses as well. Deals are brokered from Beijing to Houston; strategies are compared between a manager in Nigeria and another one in New York. All of this highlights the importance of a universal degree with an all-encompassing scope, such a degree in international business.

Why study International Business?

Business conducted across multiple boundaries requires managers and employees to understand the cultural differences of another region as well as the taste and preferences of target markets in other areas. Legislations, rules and regulations for another state will also be different from the one you may have known for the most of your life. That’s why studying this discipline gives you a broad perspective about how to analyze communications, transactions, etc. with managers from another country, how to assess demand and the target market in another area or region, etc.

Occupations where a Degree in International Business will be Valuable

Your career options with the degree are as wide as this program in versatile. The skills and knowledge you’ll acquire will be very useful for numerous careers, some of which are also quite well paying as shown.

  1. International Financial Analyst – $71,000 on average per year
    You will need to be very well-versed with tax laws and currency exchange procedures across countries to be able to perform well at this job. You should try to take up elective courses in accounting, finance and mathematics, as well as in tax laws of major countries in your degree program.
  2. Import/Export Compliance Specialist – $58,000 on average per year
    Professionals in this job are employed by both the public and private sectors. You need to be aware of regulatory laws, both domestic and international, which will help you ensure the compliance of imports and exports within the national legislation.
  3. Foreign Service Officer – $74,000 on average per year
    As a Foreign Service Officer, you are literally the representative of your country all over the world. You will persuade the governments of other countries to allow American businesses to enter, you will deal with problems that people encounter with respect to their passports, and you will constantly strive to further U.S. interests and promote its values. Most foreign services officers are employed by the state and work in another country.
  4. Management Consultant – $85,000 on average per year
    The job of a management consultant involves analyzing profit margins, studying company structures and identifying areas of improvement for the company in terms of efficiency. Because many companies have segments, departments or branches in other countries, having an international business degree will definitely be of much help.

So if you’re a student of an international business program, you now know that there are numerous promising careers that you can get into. Keep going and keep studying to get into one of these rewarding careers.

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