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A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four-year bachelor’s degree that can be attained from many accredited universities. This degree prepares students for the licensing exam required to be a registered nurse, after graduating. The benefits of getting a BSN degree for students interested in a nursing career are greater job opportunities in this competitive market, higher salary when they start working and greater chances of advancement in their career. Graduates from a BSN degree program can find various job prospects in the medical field depending on where they want to take their career.

Business and Consulting Nurses

A nurse consultant provides solutions and expertise to various issues. They can work as an employee in various healthcare facilities or be self-employed and have their own business. There are different categories of issues you can specialize in and depending on your expertise you can chose to provide consultation on specialties like health care issues, management issues, occupational issues etc.

Supervisor and Educator

Graduates from BSN degree programs can choose to be supervisors, educators or facilitators in nursing assistant training programs. You can also choose to be instructors and teach nursing students in colleges and universities. Some graduates can work in hospital settings where they can conduct training programs and education seminars for staff members and new employees.

Hospital Staff Nurse

A hospital staff nurse manages and provides services and activities for patients and their families by collaborating with other team members. As a staff nurse, you can work in a hospital environment and choose careers among various disciplines like oncology, surgical, trauma, radiology and so on. You would basically be responsible for evaluating patients, assisting physicians with examinations, dispensing medication, documenting and managing patient charts. BSN degree holders working in these positions at a hospital can also get promoted and move on to supervisory roles like managers and directors. Growth depends on how well you understand the system and your determination.

Non-Clinical Hospital Staff Nurse

A hospital staff nurse in a non-clinical setting will normally be responsible for administrative duties. These nurses can move to management and supervisory positions after several years of experience and can be promoted to a head nurse or department manager role.

Outpatient Nurse

Graduates can choose to work as primary short term care providers in patient’s homes where they would be employed by outpatient services or home healthcare providers. These nurses will be required to go to patient’s homes to treat them and provide other services. Examples of patients who these nurses provide services for are either terminally ill, recovering from an illness or patients about to be released from the hospital.

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