10 Smashing Tips to Reach Your Career Goals in 2012


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Despite the slowdown in the economy, you can still realize your career dreams in the year 2012 by considering online learning. You should however, be aware of your wants and needs and plan your career based on your aspirations. You might be already working, unemployed or want to change your careers you can achieve your career goals by following some simple steps.

Tips To Realize Your Career Goals In 2012

  1. Be aware of what you want in a career. You should be sure whether you want to a career to earn money or a career to help people around you. You should have a self-assessment of yourself to research about the job that you want to consider.
  2. Design specific goals, set boundaries and decide on the kind of job that you want to pursue and want to see yourself a few years down the line. You should prioritize and delegate tasks to others in your department.
  3. Advance your online education so that you can achieve your career goals in 2012. It will help you to get better jobs and more career opportunities. It will also indicate to your prospective employers that you are serious about your career and want to pursue a career in that particular field. If you are unemployed or want to switch careers, you can advance your education and develop a new career.
  4. Networking is always helpful if you are looking at changing your job or want to get a promotion in the current field. Networking can help you get to know more people in a specific field who can help you to find a new job, give tips for an interview or give insights about the trends in that particular field. You can even consider networking sites like LinkedIn to make more contacts.
  5. Be realistic when trying to reach your career goals. It is not easy to jump from a receptionist position to a high position like a vice president within a very short while. Don’t be over-ambitious. You should proceed systematically and plan in such a way that your goals can be achieved within a specific timeframe.
  6. Instead of planning big and setting an ultimate goal which can be achieved by 2012, set smaller goals which can be achieved easily.
  7. Develop a road map to reach your aim in life. For example, if you are interested in becoming a qualified and licensed doctor, you should collect all relevant information on the various medical entrance tests and the medical schools offering the course that you want to specialize in. After the initial qualification, you can consider higher studies in that field and gain specialization.
  8. Make short term goals and opt for career specific courses after your high school to take up a job to earn money. This can help you to gain experience as well as earn money for higher education. This can be in the form of diplomas, certificate courses or online courses.
  9. After achieving your short term career goals, it is very critical that you plan for your long-term career goals. You should do adequate research and decide on the courses which can help you develop a lucrative career with good salary.
  10. You should keep your financial security in mind while planning your career goals in 2012. Even if you hate your current job, don’t leave it till you find a new one.

These career tips can help you reach your career goals for 2012 and help you plan your career. You should however, be focused and determined to achieve these goals.

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