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Affordable Call Center Management Degree & Schools Online

September 24th, 2008, Kelly Gibson

Kinds of Call Center Management Degrees

With e-commerce, the Call Center Management industry has shown a great deal of growth in terms of prospects and profit earnings. As major boom has been seen in online trading so businesses’ need for customer service is considered and companies work to address to major queries. To do so, Call Center Management works day and night.

Call Center Management incorporates concepts and fundamentals related to interpersonal communication, organizational leadership, management, and customer relationship management and training aspects. It is a rapidly growing industry and has good job openings in contracted and privately owned companies or organizations. You may be required to possess certain skills like communication, reasoning, rational behavior, problem-solving expertise, leadership traits and interpersonal skills. To join Call Center Management as a trainee, an undergraduate degree will be sufficient.

The major job description of Call Center Management is to handle customer related services and issues. A Call Center Manager will be responsible for addressing customer complaints and queries.

Career Opportunities with a Call Center Management Degree

The career options for a Call Center Management professional is abundant and ranges from e-commerce, online retailing, information technology to e-learning and e-shopping and lots more. You can be an entrepreneur in a Call Center Management field or you can work as a trainer, manager, supervisor, customer relationship executives, call center executives, quality control officer and at administration level jobs.

Salary for a Call Center Management Professional

The salary package for a Call Center Management professional is dependent on the experience and level of expertise along with the nature of job openings and company profile. Entry level call center representatives will earn around $24,000 to $30,000 annually on an average. It can go up to $65,000 or more annually with the level of experience.

Pros and Cons of Earning an Online Call Center Management Degree

The main pros of an online degree course in Call Center Management are flexible time-table of virtual learning, accessibility through internet connection and student-centric approach. The main con of online learning course is its lack of direct interface between you and a trainer and in the virtual classroom. On-site experiments and training tools are not as effective compared with the conventional mode of learning.

Leading Schools for an Online Call Center Management Degree

  • Walden University offers online degree courses in Call Center Management for earning a Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctorate level degrees. Walden recognizes the importance of interdisciplinary fields of management, research and development through advanced certification programs in the form of Doctoral and Master’s degrees in Psychology, Education and Humanities to help you understand the basics of behavioral and applied human sciences. This helps you fulfill the changing demands of the volatile corporate world and helps you meet the standards of your job.
  • Norwich University offers online degree programs in Management, Business, Organizational Leadership, Research and Development and Call Center Management.
  • Capella University offers professional level advanced online and distance learning programs for specialized career choices.