For a Mean Annual Wage of $102,550, Becoming a Software Developer is no Mean Feat! Have you given it a Thought Lately?


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Enjoy using the many useful apps on your mobile phone? Well, there is a software developer’s creative mind behind it all.

Software Developers

Besides mobile apps, software developers also deserve credit for creating many popular computer programs. And with the way technology is advancing of late, there is every reason to believe these guys will be on the hot list of in-demand careers for many years to come.

A Peek into a Software Developer’s Typical Job Duties

We know that software developers design some cool and marvelous computer programs, but a whole lot goes on behind that. For instance, they:

  • Start off by analyzing user needs, then designing and testing the software before developing it
  • Design every single piece of a software system and design how these will work together
  • Maintain records of every aspect of an application system
  • Create flowcharts to guide programmers about writing the software code
  • Assess current software used by clients and recommend any update required

Besides these, a lot of collaboration with other computer specialists is also involved so that the software they design is executed optimally.

Percentile-Based Salary Estimates

If there is one thing you can be confident about as a software developer, it is that you will be handsomely rewarded financially. The title to this post gives you a good idea of what we are talking about, but even the lowest tier of pay for this occupation is not so low after all:

Percentile Annual Wage
10% $62,800
25% $78,930
50% $99,000
75% $123,560
90% $148,850

Becoming a Software Developer

We are sure we have lured you enough to wonder how to get into this occupation yourself. Because the profession requires a lot of calculations and analysis, an undergrad degree with a major in software development, mathematics or computer science is most preferred. Students should particularly focus on computer programming and building software during their studies.

US States offering the Brightest Opportunities for Software Developers

With an expected growth of 30% in jobs in this profession, which equates to a staggering 270,900 jobs between 2010 and 2020, tremendous opportunities for employment exist for software developers.

Employment in the following US states, however, is quite high for these professionals:

  • California, 80,130 jobs
  • Texas, 32,660 jobs
  • Virginia, 30,680 jobs
  • Massachusetts, 29,220 jobs
  • New York, 17,630 jobs

Work Life of a Software Engineer

Being a software engineer requires a lot of work. In many cases, software developers work for more than 40 hours a week. Jobs are more abundantly available in computer systems design services and computer and electronic product manufacturing companies.

The financial rewards and the excitement of creating something new makes this a completely worthwhile occupation. So, do you think you’ve got it in you to be a software developer?

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