Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Cosmetologist?


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If you are the kind of person who is itching to advise people about their look or holding yourself back from telling them that their haircut doesn’t suit their features, then you need to start thinking about Cosmetology as a career.

To Become A Successful Cosmetologist You Need To Be:

  • People-oriented and love having people around you asking for constant advice.
  • Have a thick skin as many a times people will not have the reaction you desire and those hours of hard work will go down the drain.
  • You must be willing to please, and please again as clients are often very difficult to satisfy; especially when they have paid well for a service.
  • You need to be flexible to be able to adapt your opinion and expertise to suit what the client needs, but at the same time confident enough to convince them to trust you.

Additional Traits That Will Come In Handy

You need to be strong willed, as that will come in very handy when you put your foot down regarding what you will and will not do. For instance, if a client wants a haircut that you know will look bizarre on them you might have to decline as ultimately your reputation is on the line.

You must be comfortable being in close proximity with all kinds of people; their hair, face, hands and feet. A cosmetologist essentially takes care of all grooming related to hair, scalp, skin, hands and feet, and is often the first person to identity any problems that need to be looked upon by a specialized doctor.

Think It’s Easy?

It isn’t an easy task as cosmetologists need to be extremely well trained and well educated. As each individual has different types of hair and skin the same rules don’t apply and many a times they have to improvise and think well on their feet. They also have to be very mindful of their client’s likes/dislikes as well as lifestyle to be able to suggest changes that would work well in their particular environment. Giving a single mom of two a style that takes a lot of maintenance will not go down too well.

You also must be entertaining. No one wants to come to a salon to get their hair dyed from a boring and dull person. Personality and quality of service play almost as crucial a role in success as actual expertise. A charming cosmetologist who looks effortlessly good and has excellent communication skills will have no trouble not only making money but also ensuring that clients keep returning.

Are you ready?

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