Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Advertising – Creativity in the Commercial World


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It doesn’t take too long to understand why creativity and advertising go hand in hand. Think of all the fascinating marketing and advertising campaigns we see around us, and you will identify the streak of creative genius in all of them.

Educators felt the need for a program that combine the elements of creativity and advertising together, and came up with a degree that harnesses the creative potential of students and equips them with the skills to apply it in the advertising world. Thus, the bachelor’s in fine arts with a major in advertising was started as a degree.

Advertising Creativity in the Commercial World

Who is this degree for?

Those students who have a marked skill when it comes to fine arts are ideal candidates for admission to this program. Students must have demonstrated noteworthy examples of creativity, either in their academic life or in some real-world situation, and should present their portfolios when applying for admission. Besides fine arts students, those who have good know-how of design software and crating something with the help of computer graphics are also candidates that admission committees are looking for.

Courses and Curriculum for this Degree Program

As you’d expect, the curriculum for this undergraduate program will include courses related to fine arts, as well as those related to advertising and marketing. Examples of some courses are:

  • Graphic Designing
  • Software for Designing
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Introduction to Advertising
  • Communication
  • Copywriting
  • Animation
  • Advertising for Retail Environments
  • Marketing Concepts and Analysis
  • Multimedia Computing

Besides these, general education courses, such as those in English, Math, Sociology, etc. are also taught to students.

Mandatory Internship and Project

Most programs in fine arts with a focus on advertising include an internship component as a necessary requirement. Students complete their internships towards the last few semesters, working at advertising agencies, cultural institutions, NGOs, media houses, broadcasting companies, etc. These internships teach students the practical applicability of concepts learnt in the real world.

Career Options for Graduates

Because this is a specialized degree, the career options for graduates are also very niche-based, specific to the advertising industry. For instance, one could become a communication and marketing specialist, the in-house designer for a reputed brand, creative art director, graphic designer, art director, etc. All of these are also quite well-paying fields so you will reap the rewards for all the hard work, effort and money once you land a prized job at an advertising firm or a reputed corporation.

This degree may seem like a very niche and specialized major at the bachelor’s level, but if you go for this program, your demand in the job market will be quite high.

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