Say Yes to College! 6 Convincing Reasons why Aspiring Entrepreneurs should get a College Degree


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Steve Jobs, the inspiring CEO of Apple, and Mark Zuckerberg, the legendary Facebook founder, were both college dropouts. Their success stories have led many young ones to dream about starting their own set up right away and do away with spending 4 years at college altogether.

Does the success of Jobs and Zuckerberg mean a college degree is dispensable for young ones? Wisdom suggests it’s better to go for a college degree than get down to an entrepreneurial project right after high school. If money is a problem, go for an affordable degree online, but do spend some time getting that education. Here’s why.

• Reason # 1: College Will Help You Network Well

Without deliberately doing so, college students are working up their people’s skills as they interact with peers and teachers. Even online degree students benefit from the virtual interaction they have with peers and tutors. Besides, seminars, college clubs, guest speaker sessions, etc. also introduce students to industry contacts who can be valuable for building up your business contacts as an entrepreneur.

• Reason # 2: You Learn To Set Goals And Achieve Them

You thought exams and assignments at college were just a sadistic scheme to make you miserable? Well, they are an essential part in honing your skills as a better goal achiever. Every time you finish a course and sit for an exam, you set a target and work towards meeting it. And any entrepreneur will vouch for the importance of target-setting and achieving them.

• Reason # 3: As You Compete, You Learn To Excel

Trying to make it to the Dean’s list this year, but there are too many other brilliant people who’re trying for it too? Even though you may not feel very friendly towards these college competitors during the course of your studies, you may thank them later for instilling in you the ability to face and handle competition. And we all know how close the relationship between start-ups and competing businesses can be.

• Reason # 4: Basic Knowledge And Skills Help Any Entrepreneur

The calculus class that you hated could help you understand and analyze your business’s financial standing. The English Communication lectures you yawned through could be behind the great rapport you may have developed with clients as a newbie in the business world. Plus, other skills, such as time management, acquired as a college student will help you through anything in life, not just an entrepreneurial venture.

• Reason # 5: For Some Start-Ups, You HAVE To Be A College Grad

Thinking of starting as a financial advisor privately? Or wanting to set up a private practice in medicine? You cannot even think of either unless you have the requisite skills in these professions. And a college degree would just be one of the basics for that.

• Reason # 6: You Become More Mature And Confident Over Time

As you work through the four years at college, you are also maturing, without even realizing it. You gain more confidence, more perspective about life, and learn a lot by meeting so many different people during that time. So, a college degree also buys you time to develop into a more mature, confident person.

It takes a lot of perseverance, patience and intelligence to succeed as an entrepreneur. And there’s no harm toiling a few years to get a degree online before you venture into the tempting waters of the entrepreneurial world.

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