America’s Highest Paying Vocational Careers


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There are many vocational and technical careers today paying the big bucks, requiring just a vocational certification or a two-year degree. Extensive on-the-job training for most vocational careers, however, is a requirement. Check out America’s highest-paying vocational careers and decide for yourself is one of them could be your future.

America’s Highest Paying Vocational Careers

1. Air Traffic Controllers, average annual pay = $118,430

These professionals control air traffic at the airport and between altitude sectors according to established procedures and policies.

How to get there: An air traffic management degree from a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified college is a minimum requirement, subsequent to which, candidates have to take the FAA pre-employment test, and complete a training course at the FAA Academy. Candidates must be younger than 31. Those with prior experience, for instance ex military employees, do not have to meet these requirements.

2. Construction Managers, average annual pay = $90,960

These guys manage all the activities related to construction and maintenance of buildings, facilities and other structures. They are involved in projects from the start to completion, and may specialize in areas such as plumbing or carpentry.

How to get there: Although a bachelor’s in construction science or construction management is generally preferred, candidates with an associate’s degree with a fair amount of work experience can work in the field. Certification from organizations such as the Construction Management Association of America or the American Institute of Constructors will give you an edge.

3. Radiation Therapists, average annual pay = $80,410

Radiation therapists administer radiation treatments to cancer patients or for patients suffering from other diseases and conditions requiring radiation treatment.

How to get there: Even though a 12-month certification program is the basic requirement, candidates with a bachelor’s or associate’s degree n radiation therapy are generally preferred. Most states also require candidates to be licensed, for which they must be certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

4. Computer Programmers, average annual pay = $78,260

As a computer programmer, you will find yourself writing codes to create software programs designed by software developers and engineers.

How to get there: An associate’s or bachelor’s degree is the basic requirement, while certification programs can help give you an edge in specific programming languages or certain programming products.

5. Nuclear Medicine Technologists, average annual pay = $70,840

This vocation requires people to work with radioisotope instruments to create images of certain areas of a patient’s body. They administer and monitor radioactive solutions and drugs to generate images for diagnosis or laboratory tests.

How to get there: An associate’s degree in nuclear medicine technology is the basic educational requirement. Going for a certification program not only gives one an edge in the job market, but also helps meet licensing requirements for some states.

You can go for the requisite associate’s or bachelor’s degree, a certificate program, or even just a few courses for continuing education from some of the top online colleges in the US. So check out some top online degrees for some of these vocational careers, and identify which ones will bring you closer to your dream vocational career.

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