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Degrees in Human Resources remain one of the most popular degree programs within the online student community. As businesses get more sophisticated and competition increases, businesses are recognizing more the importance of their most vital asset, its employees. Employees can make or break your organization, so it paramount that they are catered for in the most responsible manner. This has resulted in a shift in the responsibilities of human resource managers whose roles have graduated from just being paper pushers to include roles as negotiators, mediators, public relations and performance assessment coordinators. One of the easiest ways of gaining these skills is through the pursuit of an online degree in human resource management, where online universities focus on training their students in both the theoretical and practical aspects of human resource management.

Cost of Online Human Resource Degree Programs

An affordable way of gaining your degree in human resource management is by the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in business administration with focus on human resource management. These degrees are popular amongst the online community and thus relatively inexpensive. Of course, the price charged by each university will depend on their influence in the market place. However, prices are also determined by market forces and averages $15,000.

After graduating from your bachelor’s degree in business administration, then graduates can specialize by pursuing an online master’s degree in human resource management. One must expect to pay more for a master’s degree as this degree significantly increases their earning power. Medial cost for a master’s degree in human resource management stand at around $25,000 but will vary with the package offered by the online university. Some universities bundle job placement assistance and other student services into their student fees.

Types of Online Human Resource Degree Programs

Most online universities who offer degrees in human resources will offer them at all levels of education. This is to increase the awareness of employees at all levels of the organization about the part they play in the success of the organization and the importance of good human resource management. As a result, human resource degrees are available online at levels such as:

  • Associate Degree in Human Resource management: The associate degree in human resource management introduces students to the basic concepts of human resource management. It focuses on aspects of recruitment, business structure, compensation and employee evaluation. Graduates of this degree will gain employment in entry-level positions within organizations.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management: A bachelor’s degree in human resource management is the accepted educational level for middle management positions in human resource management. This degree widens the scope of human resource management to include aspects of economic, social and legal issues that affects employees. During the program, students learn skills of creating credible compensation and benefits packages; formulate employee-training programs, importance of employee health and safety and workforce planning and development.
  • Post Graduate Degrees in Human Resource Management: At this level, students focus on research and development strategies that can improve the management of human resources. Students examine various schools of thought in human resource management and determine what type of structure best suits particular organizations.

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