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Accredited online college degrees for cosmetologist prepare aspiring professionals with career training so they can become beauticians, makeup artist, cosmetologist, spa operators, esthetician trainers, manicurists, pedicurist, beauty salon managers.

Professional Career of a Trained Cosmetologist

Many professionals in the cosmetology field are entrepreneurs and work for themselves. The average yearly income for cosmetology professionals is around over $19,000 according to government statistics however many of the better professional earn well over $35,000 annually.

Professional Career of a Trained Cosmetologist

Online Degree Programs in Cosmetology Training Courses

Online cosmetology degree programs, offered at vocational institutions both privately own and publicly funded, may take about a year or two to complete. However training courses that are more focus like those in skin and nail care are usually a lot shorter. Online certificate programs typically have class work, practical work, and application of skills on human subjects. Also there in instruction on base services, cosmetology instruction which can consist of courses like:

  • Equipment Care
  • Sanitation
  • Hygiene
  • Anatomy
  • Chemistry

State Requirements for Online Degree Cosmetologist Licensing & Certification

Every state in the nation requires professional cosmetologists to obtain government licenses, and be certified however regulations vary in each state. Those looking for quality cosmetology professional education programs should do research to ascertain the level of training at an institution. Online certificate programs and courses in cosmetology are becoming more and more popular they assist students in preparing for work in the cosmetology industry.

Testing and Examination for Online Degree Cosmetology Graduates

After completing an online certificate course, those desiring work in the cosmetology profession will need to take a State Licensing Test. The exam is a written test and some states require styling performance examples in order to complete a licensing exam. There are also states that require oral exams in that an applicant is requested to outline certain procedures which include practical testing.

Online Cosmetology Courses as Credit for Licensing

Many states allow cosmetology courses as credited on barbering license exams and certification. A growing number of states put together licensing and certification for hair stylist. Regulations vary also for manicurists, pedicurists, and skin care specialists in most states.

Begin your search for certified accredited online college today by visiting the websites of schools and institutes that offer such training and enjoy a career in this rewarding industry.

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