8 High Paid Jobs with Minimal Degree Requirements


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Though it may not work in all cases, you do not have to have a high-level degree to get a high paying job. Employers focus on the contribution that you will make to the organization and not just on what academic achievements you may have acquired. However, this must not be understood that high-level education is not important. Your level of education gives an indication of the skills you will bring to the organization and your trainability when exposed to new ideas within the organization. However, work experience is invaluable and most individuals can grow within an organization and provide valuable contribution based on their intricate knowledge of the organization. Most of these situations are found in practical professions where functionaries play a significant role in the daily operation of the organization. Some of these high paying jobs with minimal degree requirements include:

1. Air Traffic Controller:

This job entails the safe passage of planes through the skies. These individuals plot flight paths within their country’s air space and handle the landing and takeoff at airports. There are no specific universities where one can go to learn these skills. Training is done through the FAA over two to four year periods before traffic controllers can become fully certified. It is a very stressful job and required utmost concentration. Today there is significant computer aid and, to the untrained eye it is about watching numbers and dots moving across a screen, but these dots represent thousands of lives at the tip of a mouse. Air Traffic controllers are able to retire after 20 years of service due to their financial gains. Air Traffic controllers earn around $85,000 to $145,000 per year.

2. Industrial Production Managers:

These individuals manage the day to day manufacturing process in factories. The best industrial production managers are those that grew through the ranks of their organization. These individuals know their plant inside out and are capable of resolving problems quickly because they have seen it all. These individuals earn salaries averaging $78,000 per year.

3. Detective Supervisors and First Line Police:

These are policemen who breathe police work and understand the running of the underground world. These skills are gained from years of service and successive upgrade examinations throughout the development of their career. These individuals earn salaries averaging $70,000 per year.

4. Funeral Directors:

This is a necessary profession that deals with that part of our lives that is not that pleasant. Training in mortuary science usually last 2 to 4 years after which graduates undergo a 1 year apprenticeship, pass their state board examination and achieve their license to operate. The working hours can be long but with innovative business ideas can be very rewarding. On average, funeral directors earn salaries in excess of around $50,000 per year.

5. Sale Agents:

The sales industry is driven by the ingenuity of sales agents to convince customers. Yes, some training is required but studies show that the majority of sales agents have an Associate degree or less. Most sales agent salaries are pegged to commission and depend on the product they are selling. However, salaries will average $45,000 with minimal commission support.

6. Physical Therapists:

These individuals help patients with rehabilitation from various illnesses. This specialized job includes those individuals working in home health care, adult care homes and hospitals. These individuals do require some minimal training but for the most part, their effectiveness is based on their own personality. Based on the type of employer, these individuals can earn in excess of $40,000 per year.

7. Police Sheriff :

Police sheriffs are required to have only a high school diploma to enter the police force where all training is done internally. Though their base salary is around $40,000 per year, police sheriffs can earn up to twice their base salary in overtime.

8. Real Estate Broker:

Success in this profession is hinged on placement. Although one may have a high degree in architecture or landscaping, it is only those who know people and place themselves among influential individuals who are most successful. Most of their success is achieved through word of mouth advertising. Real estate brokers generate income based of commission from sales but base salaries will start at $40,000 per year with endless possibilities.

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