8 Amazing Careers in Fashion Design and Merchandising


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Why do so many people want to be a part of the fashion industry? A) It’s fun. B) It’s glamorous C) It’s exciting and D) there are so many opportunities!

Fashion Design Careers

Cosmetology degrees and programs in fashion designing and merchandising have become quite widespread, moreover one has the option of studying this discipline online too if they are too busy to study it via the traditional college-going route. What bugs hopeful fashion designers at times is the low expected growth in jobs in this field over the coming years.

But before you begin to despair, take count of the many careers you can go for with this degree!

1. Product Manager – Average Salary = $65,000 per year

With a degree in fashion design and merchandising, you will be well versed with the business side of the industry as well as the creative side. As a product manager, you will oversee the entire process of creating and selling a product, from conceptualizing the design right till selling and distribution.

2. Fashion Retail Store Manager – Average Salary = $38,000 per year

Both creativity and business skills matter a lot for this job. The former will come in handy when you’ll be coming up with creative ways of displaying products, promotional displays, etc. and the latter when you’ll be busy managing the store staff, keep a track of all operational activities on a daily basis, etc.

3. Fashion Marketer – Average Salary = $81,000 per year

Besides making a handsome pay every year, you will also track down the best-selling fashion, analyze buying behavior, and create intelligent marketing campaigns to make your fashion brands a success story. Remember, no product is successful without a convincing marketing strategy.

4. Fashion Drafter – Average Salary = $44,000 per year

While the job may sound simple, it is the very foundation of any stylish apparel. Fashion drafters make the paper pattern for the design of a garment or piece of clothing. So you can imagine how critical this job role is.

5. Fashion Market Researcher – Average Salary = $57,000 per year

The why’s, what’s, where’s and how’s of consumer buying behavior for apparel, footwear, accessories, etc. are all answered by these geniuses. They analyze available information, identify trends in consumer behavior and thus help designers create designs that are in demand and will be liked by a target market.

6. Fashion Illustrator – Average Salary = $53,000 per year

A fashion illustrator is well-versed in both traditional drawing and graphic design, using their love for art and combining it with fashion designing to help designers as well as art directors come up with unique designs and layouts for product merchandising.

7. Runway Coordinator – Average Salary = $70,000 per year

This career is especially for those who are really thrilled by the fashion industry and want to experience the highs and lows of it first-hand, but cannot or do not want to design. The job will mainly cover the production aspect of fashion shows, such as selecting outfits, choosing models, set lights, pick the music of the show, etc.

8. Fashion Public Relations (PR) Specialist – Average Salary = $43,000

Want to rub shoulders with the top players in the fashion industry? Becoming a PR specialist for a fashion house is the perfect route. From defining the image of the product to communicating the idea to promote a product is all a PR specialist’s job. And having the gift of gab and love for fashion is a MUST!
So don’t feel that there are not many opportunities you’ll have with a degree in fashion design and merchandising. Clearly, there are so many!

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