6 Well-Paying, High-Growth Careers for those who Love Numbers


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There are many amongst us who’d rather sit down crunching lengths of numerical data than read through the daily newspaper. That is a precious gift, indeed, for some of the most promising careers today involve quite a bit of the use of a numerical head.

Check out some careers that you must pursue if you can relate people who play with numbers with much ease.

Average 2012 Salary of Top Professions for those who Love Numbers

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

1. Actuary

As an actuary, you will be analyzing the financial cost of risk and use mathematics and statistics to calculate the probability of an event occurring. You could be taking home a six-figure salary every year, with 27% additional jobs expected to be added to the occupation through this decade.

2. Market Research Analyst

Though it’s a common misconception that there aren’t a lot of numbers involved in marketing, this occupation does involve a lot of working around numbers. Consumer demographics, sales data, pricing comparisons, etc. are some examples of how numbers make up a major chunk of time during these professionals’ workday. The best part? The 116,600 jobs expected to be added between 2010 and 2020 to this occupation.

3. Cost Estimator

Cost estimators have to evaluate all the resources – time, money, labor, etc. – involved in production/ manufacturing in a certain industry. For instance, they may specialize in estimating costs of a construction project, or they may focus on an area of manufacturing. The highlight of this profession is the 36% growth in jobs expected between 2010 and 2020, which is much faster than the average occupation in the US.

4. Account

The list of careers for number-lovers could not be complete without accountants. These professionals spend all their day poring over numbers, analyzing them, and making meaningful reports for companies and organizations. From profitability analysis to making the budget plan for the next year, you have got to love numbers to be a happy accountant. If numbers aren’t enough, the roughly 200,000 jobs to be added to this occupation by 2020 should be just enough to convince you.

5. Personal Financial Advisor

If you’re penny-wise besides being a number cruncher, this career’s a perfect fit for you. As a personal financial advisor, you’d be helping individuals make sound financial decisions, taking into account their personal goals, retirement plans, etc. and advise them on investment strategies, managing cash flows, etc. The 32% additional jobs to be added through this decade and the over $90,000 salary is quite lucrative too, we must add.

6. Financial Analyst

When you enjoy making smart investment choices and get a thrill from making money grow, this occupation is your true calling. As a financial analyst, you would be helping organizations make smart investment decision, using your knowledge of stocks, bonds, and other investment instruments.

All 6 of these careers do not only promise a high potential salary, but also offer brilliant job growth prospects. These are definitely worth exploring if you’ve got a thing for numbers.

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