5 Ways Being An RN Helps Our Love Life Bloom!


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Move aside, the bold-and-the-beautiful; guys today like dating Registered Nurses (RN) more than just a pretty face. Well, jokes aside, we do make pretty awesome dates and partners too. No, that’s not because many of us are actually very good-looking (though that’s always a part of the reason), but just because how we are in virtue of our professions. How, you ask? Read on.

1. We Value the Small Things in Life

We Value Small Things in Life

That’s true. We see so much each day, and meet so many different people with so many different complications that we know how precious every moment of life is. That’s why we appreciate every little thing that our partner does for us, be it a simple text message, or even a cup of tea after a long day at the hospital.

2. We’re More Compassionate And Affectionate

We’re More Compassionate And Affectionate

C’mon, you did see this one coming, didn’t you? If there’s one gift that we RNs are proud of, it’s these two qualities that are quite rare in today’s world. We understand and empathize with our patients and we know the magic of a kind word or two. So our husbands or boyfriends know that every time they feel low or if they’re going through any hard time in life, we’ll be there for them in every way we can.

3. We Promise TLC Any Time Of The Day

We Promise TLC Any Time Of The Day

Whether they get hurt while cutting tomatoes for the dinner salad or whether they go through any major accident that leaves them bed-ridden for long; our spouses / partners can rest assured that they have a professional care for them to bring them back to health. We do it for our patients any time of the day, but for them, our tender loving care is available 24/7, not just on a rotational basis!

4. We Learn From Others And Apply It To Our Own Lives

We Learn From Others And Apply It To Our Own Lives

Trust me; RNs see a lot of different people every day. Sometimes, the cause of some major accidents is really small like leaving not wearing the seat belt. At other times, emotional traumas can scar one for life because of a single act of extreme anger. Because we see it every day, together with the repercussions, we are more careful than any average person about avoiding the avoidable mistakes in our personal lives.

5. Our Income Contribution is Quite Good, Actually

Our Income Contribution is Quite Good, Actually

Everyone knows that RNs make a handsome pay close to $70,000. With that money, we are contributing generously in the financial matters of the house as well, which, our partners appreciate, is quite a blessing in these recessionary times.

Besides all of these, we also know how to look young and beautiful, thanks to a tip or two shared by a dermatologist or a patient from the fashion and beauty industry (wink, wink). So all in all, we really do make great partners and soul mates. Who amongst you is going out with an RN? Please share your thoughts too.

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