5 Personality Traits that make Women Invaluable for the Workplace


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There are many supreme qualities that women have that make them stand out both in the personal and professional arenas. Many organizations today stress deeply on a gender balance in the workplace in order to have a balanced mix of the best qualities observed in male and female employees, that keeps the work environment amiable and friendly.

5 Personality Traits that make Women Invaluable for the Workplace

With the growth in success of female managers and women in the workplace, many of their qualities are cherished and appreciated by many. Here are the top qualities observed in female employees that make them great leaders and team players.

1. Women are Intuitive and Perceptive

It doesn’t take a verbose lecture for a woman to understand someone’s emotional strengths. They can pick up clues from their surroundings, decipher problem areas without being told about it, maintain a satisfied workforce as they can figure out how happy or unsatisfied employees and subordinates are, etc.

2. They are more Empathetic

Related to being intuitive, this characteristic of women further makes them invaluable in the workplace. Women can relate better than men to what someone in the organization may be going through, and thus give better advice, make better decisions, make changes in policies as appropriate, relate to their subordinates, be far-sighted about some workers, etc.

3. Women are more Organized

You will find a woman’s desk neatly organized, but that may not be true for a man. Besides the obvious, the organizational skills of women are also useful in streamlining work flows, making sure deadlines are met, allocating work in a balanced way, etc. All of these help avoid confusion and chaos in the workplace.

4. They work better under Pressure

As tough as they may seem, men do balk out under pressure. Not a woman, however. Women have the ability to stay clam under pressure, analyze and evaluate the situation, and then make the best judgment. In a corporate setting where contingencies and ad-hoc decisions are not uncommon, this is a very prized quality, indeed.

5. They work in a Team

Women have always been propagates of sharing and caring, and they bring this nature of their’s to the workplace too. Thus, when an important decision is to be made, they’ll consult with the entire team, they’ll invite and share ideas, delegate tasks appropriately, and keep everybody in mind at all times. This makes them excellent team players.

These are some cherished qualities that make women great leaders and a valuable addition to the workplace. There are many more aspects of a woman’s personality that is very beneficial in a work environment. What do you think are some other traits? Do share your thoughts.

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