10 Healthcare Occupations Expected to Grow, Grow and Grow!


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Everyone knows that healthcare is a booming industry in our nation these days. From an aging baby boomer population along with increased awareness about healthcare and wellbeing, to technological advancements for treating and diagnosing illnesses, there are a multitude of reasons dictating this rise in healthcare careers.

There are some occupations that are set to rise much more than the average for other US occupations. We present them here for you so you can take a call on your next career move in the healthcare field.

10 Healthcare Occupations Expected to Grow

1.Registered Nurses

Job Growth Rate 2010-2020: 26%
Employment Change 2010-2020: 711,900

A rise in non-traditional hospital settings, such as out-patient care centres and nursing care facilities has a large role to play in spurring demand in this occupation.

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2. Nuclear Medicine Technologists

Job Growth Rate 2010-2020: 19%
Employment Change 2010-2020: 4,100

Advanced diagnostic tests using radioactive material have been behind the greater need for nuclear medicine technologists in the US.

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3. Dental Hygienists

Job Growth Rate 2010-2020: 38%
Employment Change 2010-2020: 68,500

People today do not consult specialists only when they are ill. They are becoming more conscious of preventive dental services too, making dental hygienists one of the most in-demand occupations.

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4. Medical and Health Services Managers

Job Growth Rate 2010-2020: 22%
Employment Change 2010-2020: 68,000

For the several healthcare professionals and staff being hired and the many patients being looked after, someone has to organize medical information and manage healthcare personnel. That’s where medical and health services managers step in.

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5. Radiation Therapists

Job Growth Rate 2010-2020: 20%
Employment Change 2010-2020: 3,400

As people age, the risk of cancer rises; as America ages, unfortunately, more radiation therapists will be required for radiation treatments.

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6. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Job Growth Rate 2010-2020: 44%
Employment Change 2010-2020: 23,400

Ultrasound technology is rapidly evolving and so is the use of more invasive diagnostic procedures, requiring the services of medical sonographers more often.

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7. Occupational Therapists

Job Growth Rate 2010-2020: 33%
Employment Change 2010-2020: 36,400

Senior citizens today wish to remain active much later in life too, and they understand and realize that occupational therapists will guide them towards a healthier way of living. Many conditions commonly associated with aging, such as osteoarthritis and Parkinson’s disease also require occupational therapy as a part of the treatment process.

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8. Physical Therapist Assistants and Aides

Job Growth Rate 2010-2020: 45%
Employment Change 2010-2020: 51,100

Aging Americans today are staying more active in their later years than the generations before them. Many of them suffering from illnesses like cardiac disease also need additional help from physical therapist assistants and aides, making this a growing profession.

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9. Pharmacy Technicians

Job Growth Rate 2010-2020: 32%
Employment Change 2010-2020: 108,300

Advances in pharmaceutical research, greater number of prescription medications and an overall aging population are behind the increasing demand for pharmacy technicians.

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10. Medical Assistants

Job Growth Rate 2010-2020: 31%
Employment Change 2010-2020: 162,900

Increasing healthcare demand has meant that physicians today require greater assistance with their routine administrative and clinical duties, creating greater demand for medical assistants.

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Knowing all these interesting occupations that promise much job security, which one will you go for?

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